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How does the AFL-CIO know

In Executive order, Government Reforms, Health care on November 19, 2014 at 5:08 pm

The AFL-CIO accidentally sent an email to reporters Wednesday that said “there will be a prime time Thursday evening announcement” on immigration, with “a full unveiling” in Las Vegas on Friday.

Is this how the White House is releasing press statements now?

With all the children that have crossed the boarder and the new respiratory disease being linked to the spike in new arrivals, add the Ebola outbreaks this President doesn’t seem to want a break.

Hospitals in Denver are experiencing an alarming spike in a severe respiratory illness — especially among very young children and those with asthma — that may be caused by an uncommon viral pathogen.

Officials at Children’s Hospital Colorado said they have treated more than 900 children since Aug. 18 for severe respiratory illness and admitted 86 to the hospital.

Only a few more weeks till the Republicans are in control of both houses and President Obama will have to learn to get along.


Democratic Operatives

In Climate Change, Executive order, Health care, Obama on November 16, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Democratic Operatives seem to be the major networks lately.  Why has there been no mention of Jonathan Gruber on ABC, CBS or NBC?  What are they afraid of?  Every time a Democratic Operative gets on the air they are tell us that Obama Care is working and people are happy?  Really?  What about the millions of people who lost their health care because of Obama Care?

Democratic Operatives seem to be running the country.  Thanks to Johnathan Gruber the only person to tell the truth, which is a quick and easy “We the Democratic Party think you the Electorate are stupid and will believe anything we tell you”.  Until we prove that as a group we aren’t that dumb.  Obamacare is working, Obamacare is the Law of the Land,  Afghanistan was won, We won Iraq, President Obama was in attendance of a National Security Meeting, Cash for Clunkers worked, Obama doesn’t play that much golf, Global Warming isn’t caused by scientist looking for additional funding, The War on Women and How Republicans are evil.   Last but not least, a real favorite, the President can add 4.5 million undocumented citizens with an executive order, they will not bring disease, crime, or add lines in hospitals when they get their free Obamacare  will continue to be retold by Democratic Operatives!

The key word here is that the Democratic Operatives will continue to tell you and the rest of us what they think we want to hear.

Unintended Consequences of Obamacare

In Health care on November 8, 2014 at 9:35 pm

Unintended Consequences of Obamacare are numerous and plentiful.   So many seniors received letters of canceled insurance that had been paid for over the years.   Harry Reid says that really didn’t happen.  Perhaps his hotel hasn’t given him his letter yet.   The numbers are scary and insurers are still dumping older seniors right and left.

And here are the real Unintended Consequences of Obamacare, because as these seniors are forced to look for new insurance they are offering up all their private data.  Each company asks just a few questions that are not actually allowed under the new law.  You know, “do you have diabetes”?  Any pre-existing conditions?  No these are not suppose to be asked, but just ask Mom or Dad, what did they say and they will give you a list of each question that was asked of them.  So here is the rub.

Unintended Consequences of Obamacare makes it so every Diabetic company offering supplies now has the home phone number, including unlisted numbers and names of each person who gave up that information.  So much for the National Do Not Call Registry.

Unintended Consequences of Obamacare– The call for C pap supplies, Diabetic offerings, Medical Supplies and just out and out fraud.  Our parents phones are ringing off the hook with people to claim to be from Medicare, Medicare and Obamacare itself.  It is a free for all and it’s relentless.  And it was mandated by the Federal Government to expose all the identification of our senors.

I say lets give them Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s Home Phone number and Cell phone and what ever medical problem they may have.  Nothing say’s fun like 6 calls a day telling you that they are from the federal government.

As if the e-mail spam isn’t enough, now it’s gone straight to the home phone.   But the lies of these companies as they present themselves as from the Feds or Government to take care of their supplies, which up until Obama Care was a private matter between our family, our elderly parents and a Doctor.

Unintended Consequences of Obamacare  also we have the doctor who will no longer see our parents.  And that is only if you can find a doctor.  Usually it’s a PA or a nurse.  The doctors are not totally insulated from seeing patients.  WOW President Obama, you didn’t notice that if you added 30 million patients we might need a few more Doctors.

No longer can Mom and Dad visit the local family Pharmacy.  No, now they are encourage, well forced to visit Walmart or Walgreen’s to get their always generic drugs.   Some of the drugs are not as effective, but again it was a Unintended Consequences of Obamacare.  And not having the local pharmacist watching over all the pill makes drug interactions even more common.

Mexico allows most drugs to be dispensed by a local pharmacy without a doctors prescription.  Some drugs there do require a physicians approval, but most are over the counter.  This should have been considered as a remedy to this disaster.  OBAMACARE.

The lack of privacy, and the thought of all our families medical records up for grabs to each under 30 hour part time worker who was put on the phone because it was a way to not have to pay the operators insurance premium, should make every American Shutter.

Unintended Consequences of Obamacare  these are just one of the problems.  No more competition to keep the price down.  Remember when phone companies controlled an area or district.  The cost of a call was outrageous.  Now that you can switch to whichever phone company or wireless provider you wish, drove the price down.   Not under the Unintended Consequences of Obamacare  we are forced to use the companies they have deemed winners.  Well they are not competitive.  They are not doing the job.

Each and every Government Elected official should opt in!  Lets start with Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid.  Nancy Pelosi and every member of Congress.  After their phones start to ring off the hook, the doctors inform them of how much more they owe, if they are still available we will see who wants this “law of the land” to remain.