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Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them

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Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them, yes not one refugee in a district who’s house member votes no!

Term limits? Lets see what happens when San Fransisco gets thousands of gay bashers living in the city by the bay.  Don’t like how the slut is dressed feel free to beat the living crap of out anyone one they disagree with.  Yes this will go over well with the female population of a free American City.

Obama is going to force millions of refugee’s on the American Public, he has been overheard using the Million Number.  He won’t say it publicly but lets just say he brings in one hundred thousand.  Where will they live?  Who is going to pay for them?  Why are American’s being asked to give free services to a new population when Veterans are begging for money, housing, food and help on the streets of America a country they already served?

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them, how will your congressional Representative vote?  Nancy Pelosi thinks we should bring them in, let her house them in her districts.  The killing of openly gay people will become common place when Sharia law takes over the city.

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them and how they vote will determine how the American Public will vote in the next election.  Obama has a plan, and we are going to have to live with the consequences of his secret plans for decades to come.   The American Public is not getting all the facts of the wave of people that have invaded Europe.  When you see young girls getting beaten for what they are wearing ( a personal choice) that is not in the image of what a member of the Muslim faith agrees with, they beat, kick and harm her.   The count of reported Rapes is up across the European Continent. So our solution is to bring more of the refugees here?  To America!

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them would challenge each member of Congress to determine what he or she believes to be be best for their own districts.  Make sure they stay here.  Is Wisconsin ready for a few thousand new supported members of their state?  If Paul Ryan believes they belong in this country let them live in his Neighborhood.  Attend school with his children.  Drive through his home town.  Lets see if he as Speaker of the house is happy about the opinion of the refugees about the choice of dress of his daughters.   How many refugee’s children will we put in the same School with President Obama’s Daughters? How many refugee’s will be place in Washington D.C. or Chicago?

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them and we will see how many will live on Nancy Pelosi’s Street.  Home Town, or Neighborhood.

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them would bring term limits faster than all the money spent trying to remove bad politicians in American History.  Be careful for what you wish, for it may all come true, Hope and Change.


Will the Next William Borah Please stand up

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Will the Next William Borah please stand up, known as the “Lion of Idaho” during his 33 years in the United States Senate. Elected as a Republican in 1907, Borah established himself as a prominent progressive with a fiercely independent spirit. This superb orator who had a knack for courting publicity was once named by Time magazine as the “most famed senator of the century.” Despite his leading role in the creation of two constitutional amendments–establishing the graduated income tax and the 17th amendment – Borah is best remembered for his impact on American foreign policy. In 1917, he was instrumental in the Senate’s rejection of American entry into the League of Nations.

The League of Nations was considered Woodrow Wilson’s singular achievement and the entire world watched as Wilson attempted to get the treaty through the US Senate.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth who was married to Nick Longworth the Speaker of the House started informal gatherings which became outright meetings of destruction of the Treaty.

The League of Nations treaty was considered a bad deal for America by the Senate giving the League a virtual vote over the soverity of the Untied States.  Wilson who was basically a socialist loved the idea of the world council voting on world affairs.  Today the United Nations fills this void, which was pushed into being by Eleanor Roosevelt who was in agreement with Wilson. Ironically Eleanor was a cousin of Alice Roosevelt Longworth who was the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt.

In January 1940, Borah suffered a brain hemorrhage and died. His funeral service was held in the U.S. Senate Chamber.  

It was Borah who stood in the Senate Chamber and lobbied his fellow Senators to veto the bad treaty.  Much like the Iran Deal that Secretary of State Kerry has put forward.  President Obama has threatened a Veto, but when does the Administration get to tell the Congress how things are going to be.

We need a Senator Borah to take the lead.  Are there any Senators who are Statesman left in the United States Senate?  We will soon find out.

Will the Next William Borah Please Stand up: if there is one!

Go go go Marco Rubio

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Go go go Marco Rubio, it’s time someone stood up for the power of the people by using the United States Senate to demand the lawlessness of the Obama Administration being called to a vote.

Go go go Marco Rubio, simply put Senator Rubio is demanding a vote on to which the Iran Nuclear deal require Iran to agree that Israel is a Sovereign State and has the right to exist.  Yet there are Senator that do not wish to put this simple line into a treaty or be required to Vote.  Why, it would show who is actually not supporting our friends who had democracy in the middle east.  Can you imagine being a Senator who has a Jewish contributor (and they all do) and not being willing to add such a little referendum.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Put each and every Senator on the Senate floor where C SPAN can watch as each will have to say out loud they would deny this simple line.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Most important is President Obama is afraid of this small line being debated or brought to the floor.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Maybe the amendment to Senator Cottons letter should also ask which Muslim group we now are supporting the Shia or Sunni?  Which does President Obama Support?

Anyone want to take bets what Valerie Jarrett thinks of this as well?   Go go go Marco Rubio!

Whats the Problem with Nurse Practitioners?

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Whats the Problem with Nurse Practitioners?  Today’s counterpoint in Investors Business Daily is a telling problem.  IBD ran a rebuttal by Joy Kiviat a new graduate in a fine profession who would like us to believe that because of Nurse Practitioners medicine is now better than before.   You remember before, when you saw a Doctor not a PA.  The doctor had 8 years plus of college and had served a residency where he was exposed to all sorts of problems.  Now the initials on the jacket usually read PA.  An assistant…

Ms Kiviat writes:

“As a newly graduated family nurse practitioner, I am fully aware of what I have to offer my patients and also of the limitations to my knowledge.

I take thorough medical and personal histories on my patients, treat and manage those conditions that are appropriate given my training and experience, and refer patients to specialists when I recognize that their needs are outside my scope.”


Wow, Congratulations Ms Kiviat on your hard work and great degree in an honorable profession.  However, years ago it took a Registered Nurse 4 year of schooling to assist a doctor in an office or hospital.  Now is less than 3 years you no longer need a physician in the room?

I know you feel that PA’s have worked hard to fill the void but lets be honest, “You don’t know, what you don’t Know”.  And No you are not yet “FULLY AWARE” of your inabilities because they have yet to become known. No one is perfect and yours will as is many in the medical profession cost lives and do damage.  Doctors also face this, but youth allows for over abundance of confidence.   Yes, there are a variety of medical procedures that you can fill, take care of and diagnose.  But where did it become the law of the land, When was it decided the PA was going to be my primary care giver?  OBAMA CARE!  That’s when it was decided that your 3 years of schooling would become my care.  Well, hospitals now have PA’s as the front guard to Nero Surgeons, Cardiologist and other difficult specialists all front loaded with PA’s on the front lines. Adding cost in my eye’s as these sweet, newbies attempt to see if they can guess what the doctor might say is wrong.  As we have added 30 million new uninsured who have never paid in, I’m not sure why I need another layer of well trained (3 years) PA’s in front of my Doctor and Specialist.

The solution for both of us is,  OBAMA CARE to offer free medical care.  Lets put PA’s in every Walmart free of charge to the patients.  Now the hard working PA’s can help the very people OBAMA CARE promised to take care of, the Uninsured. When you find something that a PA can’t cure, they could be sent onto the hospital or physician.    If each Walmart was offering PA’s in their capacity as a medical professional the GOP and the Democrats could get behind a health care system that would offer front line protection for many more Americans.  This would be a Free Service provided by the Federal Government to get the lines out of the Private Hospital and Emergency Rooms.  Most people need advise and medical assistance.  Ms Kiviat is trained and willing to be that professional offering that service, lets give her this chance where it belongs, to the people.

Your column in IBD did less to sway me towards your heartfelt argument than it did to make many of us scream at whats wrong with the entire PA system.  We need many health care providers and may you and your fully trained associates become the best medical service you can be.  But not all of us,  wish to give up our options.

There two links to find the original print.  Thank you IBD for giving Betsy McCaughey a voice.


Remember the Maine

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Remember the Maine, the USS Maine sank off the coast of Cuba on February 15, 1898, and became the rallying cry for the Spanish America War. At the time it was enough to have President McKinley have to change his political stance from Anti War to Pro War and watch as his Assistant Secretary of the Navy became hero of the hour, Theodore Roosevelt.

Remember the Maine offered up mementos, souvenirs and made William Randolf Hurst papers the tabloids of the day.  Theodore Roosevelt would end up as the famous returning hero which lead him to  Governor of New York then Vice President and finally President all because of Cuba and the Maine.  Which was proven later as an internal explosion.  So we went to war over false pretenses.  Not the first or the Last.eeis_03_img0979

Remember the Maine: brought us peace with Spain and Cuba and also gave us Guantanamo Bay.  A treaty that has been served and honored by our side since Teddy was President.  For less than 5000 dollars a year we have paid for the privilege of having a base inside of Cuba.  The Castro regime will not cash the check but that’s their problem, we still send them, even the Obama Administration has thus far sent the checks.

President Obama may feel that the last 50 years hasn’t worked with Cuba but Teddy proved that when an enemy resists use overwhelming force to win.  Then negotiate.  Why does President Obama, a educated person not see that only when we Win and then offer terms do we have peace.  Not a retreat, not a surrender but peace.

Remember the Maine reminds me that overall Cuba isn’t really important on a world scale.  Yes we and the Russians allowed it to become important over Nuclear war and a standoff that even a Democratic President understood he wasn’t allowed to lose. President Kennedy did lose at the Bay of Pigs, but maybe that’s why he knew he could not back down to the Russians. Yet surrender to a dictator?  Why are we considering surrender?

Remember the Maine should be the cry when President Obama offers to surrender Guantanamo Bay.  Every Senator should have to vote on the treaty, which President Obama may or may not allow, again forgetting the constitution.  We gave up the Panama Canal because another President didn’t think thought the consequences of those actions and today the Chinese control what Theodore Roosevelt built.  Presidents Carter and Obama will not be in office when the citizens of this country suffer through their actions.  Iran because of President Carter still is causing us and the world grief.  Now because of President Obama and his executive orders, we are about to have  a Nuclear Iran, ISIS in control of most of the middle east, Russia taking over peaceful countries, A war with China and Japan which by treaty we must defend Japan and now peace with Dictators in Cuba.  President Obama will also get credit for this next Depression that all this overspending and taking money from those who earned it to buy votes from those who have not.  Neither of these men will be in office as the rest of us pay the price for ineptitude.

Remember the Maine:  We are returning territory we have already shed blood for, once again this is starting to sound all to familiar.

Stopping Obama

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Stopping Obama the Ruling President!  How will the Senate, Congress or Courts stop a Ruling President from just declaring any law he wishes?  At any moment he can do exactly what the founding fathers had tried so hard to prevent in the United States of America, a Dictator style of leadership.  We are a country of compromises, and usually both sides are dissatisfied.  The Democrats should be as worried as the Republicans and Independents.  What will happen if Sarah Palin had the same power?  Every Democrat and liberal reporter would be up in arms as a President Palin bypassed Congress and the American People and did what ever they wished by Czar, Executive Order or Presidential decree.   It’s the process of how we are forced as each Executive order is decreed,  that should scare Americans.  It’s not up the the President to threaten congress with his choice of what to do, and then just force a New Signature based law upon the American People.   Harry Reid will be screaming if a President Palin just signed every choice of hers onto the American People.  But as Majority leader Mr. Reid has been a willing accomplice to President Obama.  Was Obama Care really worth throwing out 230 years of Senate Rule?  Will Closing Gitmo by Presidential Pardons really make the world Safer in the eyes of our enemies? Are Cuba and the Castro regime worth bypassing the Senate on foreign affairs?  (For those to young they aimed Russian Nukes at the United States).   Will we bail out Venezuela when they tank their economy, while hurting their people.

Stopping Obama must be done within the rules of law.  Where is the free Press?  They are a willing accomplice to get their view of the world not the other way around.  Turn off those networks that do not cover the IRS Scandal, Golf Gate, Illegal Immigrants flooding the boarders, Benghazi hidden agenda that caused 4 Americans to Die.  Where was the President on that night?  Why doesn’t the Press push for an answer?

Stopping Obama, Oprah supported him, and asked her followers to vote for this man.  Oprah still has a following and is regarded as one of the greatest Americans of her time.  In 6 years how many people can still say they support President Obama and his policies.  He keeps telling people what they want to hear, or as it used to be called, The President is lying.  Where is Oprah Now with the Obama’s?  Where are the other Liberal Elites who asked for Americans to Vote for him?

The Fable of the Emperors new cloths tells of a boy who believed his own eyes as his King ran around naked in front of everyone who told him he looked great.  Well, Open your eyes America.

The Courts must prevent an activist President from fundamentally “bringing Change to America” by Executive Order.  It is unconstitutional and must be brought before Supreme Court.

If every person who reads this would just contact their own congressman and voice their opinion it would be a start to the people taking control.



Change we can believe in?

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Change we can believe in?  Where is the indignation?

Change we can believe in apparently now involves targeting the hero’s who put their lives on the line to keep this country safe, free and a country of laws. Where did my country go?

In November, Robert O’Neill appeared on Fox News Channel to discuss his role in the raid that killed bin Laden on May 1, 2011 in Abbotabad.  So now the United States Government is going to investigate if he committed a crime?  Disclosed national secrets? The photo of the protected leaders watching a video screen worried that things would go wrong, went viral.  The lives of the men of seal team six were on the minds of family, friends and according to accounts we “American Citizens” were allowed to hear or read, those brave soldiers thought they were on a suicide mission.  Were any of us worried about the political lives of the elected officials?  Safety seated at a conference table inside a secured bunker in the White House.  Protected by secret service, capital police, the entire military, FBI, Washington Police Department, and what ever other protective measures offered to the Washington Elite.  The thought struck me then, of not revenge but the idea that harming the United States will be punished.  911 would not stand as an action by a group.  War will result in war. Freedom is costly.  Seal team six as President Obama exposed in his victory lap about how “We Got Him” were the men who were willing to put their own lives on the line to protect our reputation from harm.  To insure other would be terrorist that this will not stand.

Change we can believe in? The hardest part of the new “change” has been that the continuity of the United States Government is a mess.  What do we believe in?  Dictators?  I’m now told that 50 years of not talking to a Communist who once aimed Nuclear Missiles at my country is no longer a good idea.  The Castro’s have  never been nice to my country or according to free Cubans good to their people as well.  But now I’m told that it’s better to befriend them.  Change we can believe in?

My government told me that Benghazi was caused by a really bad movie that caused a group to want to kill an Ambassador that begged for more security.  He was denied that privilege by someone, who’s name I will probably never really know.  But Somehow the Soldier who was willing to fly into enemy territory to seek revenge on a known bad guy is under investigation.  Change we can believe in?  I think not.

When a thief of whom I have seen the theft on video and don’t need political commentary.  Attacks a police officer in his car, and is shot during the officers defense of his own life, is the reason for burning down the town of Ferguson, but I’m told by my President it was because he was black makes me wonder if this is, Change we can believe in?

No longer is many school districts is a child of color allowed to be expelled.  The teacher may be bullied, the other students might not have the opportunity to learn that days subject because the race is now the primary issue, not the actions.

The IRS has spent millions of American Tax payer money protecting emails from it’s own employees and stalling congress yet the government has the ability to investigate one lone soldier?

Change we can believe in?  North Korea is now embolden to attack a US company and destroy free speech.  President Obama didn’t condemn North Korea as much as he attacked the leaders of Sony about their decision.  Some change!

Details of the raid were confirmed by U.S. officials shortly after it occurred. The raid itself was dramatized in the 2012 movie “Zero Dark Thirty.” With private briefings for the director by the Administration.  National Security?  Freedom?  Desk Jobs.

Change we can believe in?  Robert O’Neill, was willing to give his life to seek an end to the Osama Bin Laden Story.  He won.  Americans can not let this story become about punishing the victors.  Why would any soldier be willing to offer up his life or liberty to an America that is willing to break the back of a political system.  Courts, Lawyers, Private Protection, and his own personal safety. What is happening?  Where are the checks and balances?  Patriots?

Change we can believe in? President Obama should be honoring Seal Team Six and Robert O’Neill, not allowing him to become a metaphor of intimidation by a federal government.

Change we can believe in? Our collective freedoms matter, and must be protected.  It requires a collective America.  One that respects its freedom.  That means respecting our hero’s both living and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Elian Gonzelaz to deliver Cuban Cigars

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Elian Gonzelaz to deliver Cuban Cigars now that Obama has given the Okay for Cuban Cigars to be brought into the US.  We spent millions to deport one scared little boy years ago back into the hands of a cruel dictatorship.  In one  sweeping Presidential Edict the President has made Cuba our newest friend.

So smoke up everyone, it’s time to let the Cuban Masters beat more cigars out of the citizenry of Cuba.  Castro has won! Kennedy should be turning over in his grave about now.   Obama has yelled surrender one more time and this time it comes with Prizes.  Yes, Congress will huff and puff but no one will do anything.   Maybe President Obama can light his first delivered Cigar on the Eternal Flame that sits over our dead President.  Why not, he hasn’t cared what any of the other Presidents have stood for.

So, Elian…. Bring us some Fine Cuban Cigars


How does the AFL-CIO know

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The AFL-CIO accidentally sent an email to reporters Wednesday that said “there will be a prime time Thursday evening announcement” on immigration, with “a full unveiling” in Las Vegas on Friday.

Is this how the White House is releasing press statements now?

With all the children that have crossed the boarder and the new respiratory disease being linked to the spike in new arrivals, add the Ebola outbreaks this President doesn’t seem to want a break.

Hospitals in Denver are experiencing an alarming spike in a severe respiratory illness — especially among very young children and those with asthma — that may be caused by an uncommon viral pathogen.

Officials at Children’s Hospital Colorado said they have treated more than 900 children since Aug. 18 for severe respiratory illness and admitted 86 to the hospital.

Only a few more weeks till the Republicans are in control of both houses and President Obama will have to learn to get along.

Democratic Operatives

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Democratic Operatives seem to be the major networks lately.  Why has there been no mention of Jonathan Gruber on ABC, CBS or NBC?  What are they afraid of?  Every time a Democratic Operative gets on the air they are tell us that Obama Care is working and people are happy?  Really?  What about the millions of people who lost their health care because of Obama Care?

Democratic Operatives seem to be running the country.  Thanks to Johnathan Gruber the only person to tell the truth, which is a quick and easy “We the Democratic Party think you the Electorate are stupid and will believe anything we tell you”.  Until we prove that as a group we aren’t that dumb.  Obamacare is working, Obamacare is the Law of the Land,  Afghanistan was won, We won Iraq, President Obama was in attendance of a National Security Meeting, Cash for Clunkers worked, Obama doesn’t play that much golf, Global Warming isn’t caused by scientist looking for additional funding, The War on Women and How Republicans are evil.   Last but not least, a real favorite, the President can add 4.5 million undocumented citizens with an executive order, they will not bring disease, crime, or add lines in hospitals when they get their free Obamacare  will continue to be retold by Democratic Operatives!

The key word here is that the Democratic Operatives will continue to tell you and the rest of us what they think we want to hear.