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Contract with America II

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“The Pledge to America” offered up by House Republicans is dead on arrival if moderate republicans are allowed to vote with the Obama Administration.  How will Republicans keep Senators such as Olympia Snow Or John McCain from voting with the Liberals when the time comes.

Attention Representatives, it’s not this paper your signing that is for America it’s your votes and conduct in office that will determine if you deserve reelection!


Why does the Post Office Advertise?

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If we the citizens of the United States are forced to play the salaries of postal workers?  They get to raise rates when ever they want more money.  Yet the USPS subsidizes all the bulk mail they shove in my mail box, why do they need to run an add campaign on TV and radio?  Let them go private and pay for their “Service on their own”.

They USPS could become the next Fed Ex or UPS.  Somehow I think they would really end up more like Edsel.


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Neda's photo - June 20 Iran election protest i...

Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

How can a band such as the Airborne Toxic Event ( a great band at that) say more to the Iranian Regime in one song than the entire Obama Administration has been able to in two plus years.  (remember he was running for president making promises).

The Band, The Airborne Toxic Event has a song about a women named NEDA who was killed in Iran protesting unfair elections.  Worth a listen, or in this case a watch.


There is a web site to add to the protest.  


Here is your chance to take a stand before the Iranian regime forces our hands as Americans.  Check it out it will change your view of them as only needing our Presidents open hand of diplomacy!

How you Pay to Force yourself to believe in Healthcare

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Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...

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Wow don’t you just love it when the federal government takes your money, forces you into something you didn’t want, don’t need and they insist you are going to get.  Then turns around and spends your money to convince you that you needed it in the first place.  No wonder the Obama Administration is in such trouble. This link is the new Add Campaign:


How the Healthcare Law Helps You

Some of the Key Benefits of the Affordable Care Act are:

  • You can no longer be denied coverage because you have a pre-existing condition, or because you get sick.
  • A crackdown on fraud and administrative waste will save money and lead to lower premiums for patients.
  • Small businesses will receive tax credits and other tools to help provide affordable healthcare to their employees.
  • If you like the coverage you have now, you can keep it. No government agency or bureaucrat can force you to change something that works.Do they really think this will help change your mind?  If the government says that a bureaucrat will not force you to do something, (as listed above) and yet they are the very government bureaucrats that forced you into it in the beginning is the an Oxymoron, or just government at work?    Come on, they have already proven that it’s not affordable.  Yet their advertising team didn’t get the message.
    If the feds really plan to crack down on waste why don’t they start with the federal government?   Somehow those same bureaucrats who knew how to make my medical care more affordable can’t control their own spending, hold on not their spending but MY MONEY.

    Isn’t (pre-existing) just a term for I didn’t want to buy insurance till I knew I was sick, now I want someone else to pay for it?  If you had insurance as your choice before, you wouldn’t need to force a company you didn’t (need) before to now pay your expenses.  According to this theory, why would anyone buy insurance?  Just wait till something is wrong then pay…

    This is an outrage that they would need to spend our money to sell us on a program that few of us wanted in the first place.

    Why is it ok for the Obama administration to violate the 1st amendment with lies and propaganda but if Humana, IHC, Bluecross or any other insurance company tries to disagree they are threatened by the administration?

    VOTE THEM ALL OUT, THIS NOVEMBER.  A single vote against any democrat is a vote against Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who won’t be around when we get to pay up to clean up their mess.  Anyone else for prison terms for former members of congress?

Possiblities for the 45th President of the United States

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Mitchell Daniels

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Obama Replacements in 2012

Here are some names worth considering for President of the United States.

  • Gov. Mitch Daniels– Indiana
  • Gov. Tim Pawlenty – Minnesota
  • Gov. Rick Perry– Texas
  • Gov. Bill Owens– Colorado
  • Gov. Chris Christie– New Jersey, While still to new to consider he should worth watching.

    People who want to run but shouldn’t…

  • Gov. Sarah Palin– Alaska, has killed all clout she had as an after candidate.  Her support will propel the front runner of this Presidential season so don’t discount her.  But please Sarah, Don’t run.
  • Newt Gingrich– Speaker of the house- With his marriage record he should just support the GOP candidate and stay home.  Sorry Newt, your presidential Aspirations are finished with the GOP.
  • Gov. Mitt Romney– Massachusetts, Would love to see a President Romney, but after the words with Candidate McCain during the last debate probably won’t get the chance and unfortunately for America, not sure they would support a Mormon Candidate.  Unfortunate but true.  He and Sarah should choose the best and support that candidate with all their clout and draw.
  • Gov. Mike Huckabee– Arkansas, Stay with the Talk show and support the GOP candidate.  Great Talk Show, but again, a Baptist minister probably won’t beat Obama or Hillary, no matter how right they are.
  • Gov. Jeb Bush– Florida,  couldn’t win with father and brothers record and name, but he should be a strong VP contender.  Our loss!
  • Gov. Bobby Jindal– Louisiana, Not good enough at speeches to seriously run for President.  He had his chance to be a contender with the oil spill but let it slip away by not hitting Obama hard when he had the chance.   Sorry Bobby, maybe another time.

If I were the GOP and the TEA Party, I would Lock Bobby Jindal, Haley Barbour, Newt, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and all the Bushes in a room and ask them to not leave till they can all agree on two names (which would be none in the room) as the Candidates for the GOP.

If the GOP/Tea Party didn’t have to have a long drawn out battle for the nominee for President, they could defeat Obama and lead the country towards solvency without having to spend millions to do it.

Freedom of Religion

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Gay muslims

Image by hebedesign via Flickr

We don’t really have freedom of religion, even if Barack Obama says so.  (he is wrong again).  But in the case of should the Mosque be built near or at ground Zero he is particularly wrong, (again).

In many instances in our country over its desires to offer freedom to worship, we have trampled on the rights of those who were practicing their religion.

Mormons: no longer are allowed plural marriages.

Catholics: are not allowed to perform exorcism.

Jews: have changed the way a Rabbi may circumcise.

Seventh Day Adventist must allow their children medical care, even when they don’t want it.

Fundamentalist Christians may not hold arsenals in their compounds.

Baptist of the south no longer may join organizations that hate on the grounds of color.  Although may religions joined groups such as the KKK.  Which is also not allowed.

A child of any denomination may join any school sponsored education system.

The boys scouts of America, in their attempt to control who is in their leadership position currently may discriminate but the courts are about to force them to change. (go figure).

Yet, fundamentalist Muslims, still agree with Stoning to death of a women for various crimes.

Beheading of someone you hate or disagree with is considered a sensible way to keep them from going to heaven.

It’s ok, to blow up people who do not agree with your views in the name of their God, and be rewarded.  72 virgins, a great place in heaven and so on…. wow!

If you believe strongly enough, you can kill someone who no longer agrees with the Muslim faith,  just for their lack of belief.  (It’s amazing any of their teen ages make it through puberty).

The covering of ones head is forced… and in some country the entire body is covered.  Why won’t Barack Obama force Michell and his daughters to wear this fine religious drape?

Yes, we infringe on all sorts of religion in this country.  Yet we are told we must allow a group to build a Mosque near the very place that people were killed in the name of this religion.  Why?  Fear of uprising? (bring it on)!

A single minister caused more of an uprising when he threatened to burn their book of faith, than all the uprising heard around the world when the head of Daniel Pearl was placed on the internet, just before coming off.

Where is the voice of reason when the burning of Bibles, American Flags, Jewish Flags or the Star of David?

After 9/11 images of celebrating Muslims around the world were shown here.  Very few of those images showed Muslims praying for the loss of life that was delivered at the hands of radical Muslims.

Yes, this is a free country.  But freedom does not equate to stupidity.  When citizens of the United States are threatened with violence because we will not produce our freedoms to those who do not give the same freedoms to their own something is wrong.

Will the Mormons be allowed to send their missionaries to Afghanistan or Iran?  Will the Pope be allowed to visit Saudi Arabia? Will the Obama Daughters wear a Berka for the sake of freedom.

It is time for Muslims to embrace the very peace they claim.  Start by admitting there are problems within your own sects.  Move forward and recognize Israels right to exist.  Allow people of your own faith to change religion freely.  Open your own borders to people of other faiths are you are demanding we do with ours.

Yes, we would all like to see Freedom of Religion, lets see you practice it first.  Perhaps by Moving the GROUND ZERO MOSQUE.

Time for the FEDS to start cutting costs

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Barry Goldwater, U.S. Senator (AZ-R)

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A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.  (Barry Goldwater).

Why is it that government employees never see their role as working for us?  Seems all employees of the federal government as well as the state system are hell-bent on making the system larger at all times.  Time to sell off the post office, and privatize social security.

If the citizens keep voting to take what is not theirs, soon there won’t be enough to take.

The President can paint, But can he lead?

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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle...

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On this 9/11 our President has chosen to provide labor as a painter of a school, while our nation suffers.

9/11 should be a reminder that it is only a strong nation and national leadership that can get us through these horrible times that radial Muslims are so bent are delivering to the United States.

If Osama Bin Laden should choose to attack again, he will be thrilled to see that our president can paint between the lines and keep the colors where they are needed.  President Obama has failed on another campaign promise of hunting Bin Laden down and bringing him to justice.

The rest of the country however should take a long hard look at how we are being led and where this so called leadership, (Speeches and Painting) will take us in the future.

While a Mosques is being readied on what Muslims would consider conquered ground, and Iran plans to go Nuclear we need leadership and direction.

Next time you enter a voting booth the choice will be yours. More  paint in the proper lines or a new direction with leadership.  Vote carefully, your lives depend on it.

9/11 so much already forgotten.  “Lets Roll“.

States Finacial Crisis

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This is so simple that every tax payer must add their 2 cents or in our governments case, billion or so.   We will immediately place all State and Federal Employees on Social Security.  Yes those crazy pensions they were promised will be rolled into the same wonderful plan we are stuck with.  Social Security!

Sorry you can’t retire at 51 at full salary.  Just like the rest of us you will now be working till your 65 or older.  But relax the federal government will promise to pay you. When your retire at an old age.

Attention Union Leaders and Politicians, we the tax payers will not be bailing you out.  You’ve been over spending for years, and now you expect us to bail out your corrupt system so you may continue.  No way Jose, and Jose from Mexico may not join this system until he has properly joined our country.  Which means head on home and apply.

So to sum up, before every state joins California as unable to pay.  All Pension Plans including the Federal Government Plan will be placed on the same rules the rest of us are forced into.  Social Security.  No early retirement, no taxpayer funded bail outs.