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First Dude Bubba Clinton

In Dollar Crisis, Government Reforms, Hillary Clinton on June 1, 2015 at 2:57 pm

In the remote possibility that Hillary Clinton were to become President of the Untied States of American, and William Jefferson Clinton where to become First Dude or 2nd President of the Untied States of the East Wing.  And in that remote possibility and unthinkable challenge that he were to keep doing the good works of the Clinton Foundation, so forth and so on…

With that premise if Bill Clinton received 150 thousand dollars when his wife as a United States Senator for each speech delivered.  And with the knowledge that they the Clinton family and not the foundation need money, but as a spouse of a Secretary of State the value of a speech is 500 thousand to 750 thousand US Dollars.  What would the value of a speech and event appearance of the First Dude of the United States of America be worth?

According to the web site Who’s on my money http://www.whosonmymoney.com the first presidential couple to appear on US Currency together was George and Martha Washington.  Hillary as President would not choose to place herself on American Currency during her administration.  Or would she? hillary-clinton.w529.h282.2x

The Women on 20 didn’t even vote for Hillary Clinton, although as President she would get a Golden Dollar Coin made in her honor.

If Bill “Bubba” Clinton where the First Dude of the United States and it cost millions of dollars donated to the Hillary for President Campaign to get access or favors then it seems logical it is cheaper to invite Bill to speak and pay the fees for direct access.    But what would that cost?  George Stephanopoulos was offended by the book Clinton Cash that the author Peter Schweizer didn’t have Facts about them stealing or moving money for personal gain. When Hillary’s Brother took money to get direct access to Bill as President it was less than a quarter million.  Bill should be worth alot more.

This is where free market capitalism will work to it’s best.  Let the Free Market decide how much Bill can charge for an appearance and if they need a little extra they can just pay for it.