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Priebus’s Last Stand

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Reince Priebus was elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee on January 14, 2011, and reelected on January 25, 2013, putting him on track to become only the seventh person to serve four years as Republican Party Chairman.  Yet in a year when Republicans should be sweeping the political landscape many are in the fight of their political lives.  Why?  The Republicans didn’t carry Wisconsin the home state of the Chairman of the Republican Party, Home of the Vice Presidential Candidate, Republican Governor (in the midst of a recall) who did win, but with home field advantages should have carried Wisconsin without much of a fight.

Here we are again.  Republicans screwing up what should be a easy win.  Scott Brown running as a known entity in a New Hampshire against Jeanne Shaheen.  Shouldn’t be this close and Brown should be winning another.  Is this another Priebus failure in the Making?

Iowa with Bruce Braley who the first lady can’t even get his name correct is in a dead heat against Joni Ernst, Why it should be a Republican Walk in the Park.

Why are the Republican Senate Races in Toss ups with Obama’s ratings not above 40%?  Begich (AK) Pryor (AR) Udall (CO) Harkin (IA) Landriew (LA) Shaheen (NH) and Hagan (NC) should all lose.  If they don’t it is the Chairman’s responsibility to move on.  Quit, Walk Away as a failure.  It is bad enough that the Democrats are able to defend these seats but that the Republicans keep asking for more money and can’t win each and every one of these seats in a year such as this leaves only one conclusion.  The wrong person is running the Republican Party.

We have seen Wisconsin not be held before during the Romney Election.  That was home turf.  Yet here we are again in a fight that should be easy, quick and a Republican Landslide.  Scott Walker’s name is chatted up for a Presidential Run, photo’s with Rand Paul and a VP!  Why, if he can’t carry his own state with the Chairman of the party on home turf would anyone want to create more close races.

All the money spent on Kentucky to keep Mitch McConnell in his seat against the Tea Party Candidate  Matt Bevin who was destroyed by the Republican money machine is looking better and better and Mitch is fighting for his political life against a disaster of a candidate Alison Lunderand Grimes, she can’t even say who she voted for.  Why?  These are choices made by not the voters on the first ballot, but by a political machine out of touch.

If the Republicans are not in charge of the Senate with a clear majority the Republican Party must reexamine who is directing it’s money, candidates and choices.  Which means Mr. Priebus should start packing, because this election cycle isn’t looking good.

Should the Republicans Sweep all the offices in a clear majority, LOL, it won’t happen!


Obama Blame Game when not fundraising or playing golf

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Six years into the Obama Presidency and blaming President George Bush is getting harder to do.  The termination of Secret Service Director Julia Pierson was a step up in responsibility, but still gave the White House someone to blame.  The fact that Agents were sacked while a White House employee got promoted is par for this administration.

Tom Frieden will probably be thrown under the bus soon, but if the Bush administration can put every plane in US airspace on the ground in an emergency makes it hard to believe we can’t keep a few people who have visited Africa out of the United States.  That would require the direction and will of the President of the United States.  And Obama isn’t willing to make a tough decision.

Ebola- They told us it wouldn’t get here.  President Obama said we were not at risk.  Once again, denial or delusion here we are with Ebola spreading. We can blame Tom Frieden or President Bush, but we will never hear President Obama admit he made a mistake.

Speaking of Mistakes, How many missiles does it take to stop a group of terrorist?  Apparently more that President Obama has ordered in the last budget.

Which Democrat running for office will stand up and support the President?  Alison Lundergan Grimes won’t even admit she voted for him, how is she going to vote on a Treaty with Iran giving them a Nuke?  How about Mary Landrieu, will she support President Obama for his management of the Ebola Crisis or will she pretend she was against it before she voted for it?  Al Franken of Minnesota might stand up for Obama but will his Muslim constituents return him to office or will the Killing of ISLS anger them.

No matter how the Market fall turns out, Ebola, US Senate or Democratic Fundraising the odds of any Democrat standing up and announcing unconditional support of their president is getting smaller.  Lets hope President Obama doesn’t start blaming them.