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President McChrystal

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Lets be honest about the McChrystal “resignation”.  Since George Washington put the military in the hands of the civilians or congress we have accepted the role of the military taking it’s orders from the “Commander in Chief”.

The country even backed Harry Truman when he fired MacArthur even though the majority loved MacArthur more than President Truman at the time, and this really isn’t the same thing for so many reasons.

The problem here is that so many don’t respect our current Commander in Chief and apparent they really hate Vice President Bite me as well.  That would be Joe Biden to the rest of you.

So where does the country go when it’s military hates our choice of leaders so much they will commit political suicide with a reporter present to get out of working for them?  Why would they give this type of access if they didn’t believe it wouldn’t be in print, or just wanted out.

Seems it would be easier to elect a more qualified President and Vice President.

How does President McChyrstal sound…. I like it.



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Obama-Err-Or  Verb.  What happens when the Presidential Teleprompter breaks or malfunctions.  Not to be confused as to the Presidential Cabinet which is an Error of Obama. Or when semi conscious voters realize that they have elected someone who has never run anything, ever!  Such as a oil spill, The largest economy in the world, the largest nuclear power in the world or a guy named Barry.

Usage:  “The stimulus is working, President Obama has said repeatedly”.  This is an Obamaerror.  Actually the Billions of dollars spent have not stimulated anything but the democratic desire to spend more.  “There are 52 States in United States of America”.  This is also a simple example of an Obamaerror.


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Obam-i-ated.  NOUN or Verb:  What happens after you discover what your government has done to you.

Usage:  “At first I thought I was short of funds and over taxed, then I realized I was really Obamibated”.

Usage:  “It use to be death and taxes, now we just feel Obmaibated”.


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“No-Obama-ian”  Verb and or Noun.  To pass the buck.  To blame anyone and deflect all responsibility.  Person or Persons who no longer or never did support Barack Obama.  To wish for different leadership.  To hope or choose to believe that change should start at the White House.

Usage, “I wish I never voted for Obama, I guess that makes me a NoBamaBian”!

Obama Fiddled while Louisianna suffers

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Nero may have fiddled while Rome burned, but for the White House to be entertaining Paul McCartney while the Jonas Brothers play shows the contempt the White House and President Obama have for the American People.  Enough self centered entertainment where they place themselves outside the reality of what is happening in America.

Instead of enjoying a concert today, perhaps the White House should be working to HELP the engineers of BP stop the leak.  Even better, how about providing extra funds for Governor Jindal of Louisiana to clean up the mess.  Help those out of work?  Show some leadership.

For the President to create another commission to look into the disaster just shows his disconnect to how things really work.   Appointing more of his friends to join the government payroll, and we know they all those former senators and congressmen are amazing engineers and scientists.  Once again the President has shown that he has no leadership skills.

Enjoy your concert Mr. President!

It’s 3 AM Mr. President…

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The Obama Administration refuses to support the state of Arizona in it’s fight to keep illegals from overflowing their boarders.  It refuses to support their laws, give aid or meet with the leaders of Arizona.

Now the Obama Administration is turning it’s back on Israel, while it tries to defend it’s citizens from Hamas rockets.

Yet the Administration has threatened to nationalize BP, a British company for it’s overflow of oil into the gulf.  Incarcerate it’s officers and use laws to it’s benefit to force it to do what ever the administration demands on a daily basis.  Yet the Administration can do no more than threaten BP with fine, new laws and “talking head time” to achieve this.   Where is the leadership the American People were promised.

How is it, that a man made disaster like Arizona needing federal help can be ignored and even scoffed at, while a deadly disaster such as an oil rig fire and leak can cause them to have all the answers?

If only they knew as much about illegal immigration as they seem to know about Oil Leaks, or the middle east.

It’s that 3 am phone call, Mr. President your world is getting harder, and now North and South Korea are not getting along.  Did we mention that Iran would like to laugh at us some more.  Who shall we blame next?

Obama vs the oil spill

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