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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen

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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen- COP 15.

Look Out!  Here they come.

“Climate change is a terrible threat, but beating climate change is a historic opportunity to turn humanity onto a path of sustainable growth for everyone. The solutions to climate change will vitalize economies, stabilize environments, and build secure, fairer, more innovative societies. Not only must we act, it makes no sense not to act.”  From the website http://unfccc.int/2860.php

How and who decided the word FAIRER?

“fight to prevent climate disaster”       “global threat of climate change” ” fair and effective deal on climate change”
Change? Where have I seen that word used alot before?  Oh yes it is what President Obama ran on just before he started dismantling our constitution.  Wake up people  Fair, and Disaster somehow are going to cost you more money.


Congressional Hearings on Climate Change Now!

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Should Congress have a hearing on the e-mails from Phil Jones, Michael Mann and other scientists?  Yes!  Will congress upset Al Gore and prove the hoax that he is perpetrating.  Nope.  We could catch congress burning the ozone on camera and no one would do anything.  Where is the main stream media?  Hoping for a ride on Air Force One to Copenhagen I would guess.  Must be a really clean air plane, because no one seems to care how many trips President Obama takes.  The engines must be cleaner than my SUV.


This link and the “climate change reconsidered: The 2009 Report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change”.   Congress should be forced to hear this in chamber before voting on climate change.

Which of President Obamas Cabinet will be next to go?

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Time for a favorite game of the Obama Administration, Who’s next to go.  Trusted allies and long time friends get the boot all the time so take a shot at real politics.  Not Politics the game, but more like Politics is a game.  However if you wish to visit http://www.politicsthegame.com no one is stopping you.  So take your best shot and see who you think it will be.  Shouldn’t be long.  Remember these are only Secretaries and Cabinet positions, CZARS are on their own.   If you need to peek to remind you who your voting for visit



Irans Parliament taunts the IAEA

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Iran’s Parliament urged President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government to submit a plan on reducing its cooperation level with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).   Can you imagine less cooperation?

The move came after the IAEA voted to rebuke Iran over its construction of a second uranium enrichment plant.  IAEA passed a resolution demanding that Tehran immediately stop building its newly-revealed nuclear facility and freeze uranium enrichment. The IAEA resolution criticized Iran for defying a U.N. Security Council ban on uranium enrichment – the source of both nuclear fuel and the fissile core of warheads.

In today’s statement, the Members of Parliament condemned the resolution as a politicized measure that shows the West’s double standards.  The IAEA is proving once again what a weak and non-valued department of the United Nations they really are.

Joe Biden tried to remind us that “this president will be tested” but few were listening.  Kennedy was tested by Russia because Khrushchev thought he was weak.   Joe knew that the world will see President Obama as weak and this is why Iran can flaunt it’s Nuclear Ambitions at both the United Nations and the Western World.  The building of a weapon is a sovereign countries right.  The building of a weapon you intend to use is an act of war.  Iran purpose is the destruction of Israel and western civilizations.  When will this administration get serious?  Probably after it’s to late.

The Obama Medical Lie

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Forget Michael Moore the United States of America has the greatest healthcare in the world. Unfortunately we have been forced into a socialistic scheme. We, the taxpayers, should be pointing the finger at Congress and the White House for it’s failures, not trying to destroy our medical system.

Congress mandated that anyone going to an emergency room must be provided medical care regardless of their ability to pay. The argument used was some poor person getting hit by a car or bus who didn’t have his ID or insurance forms. This policy would allow or force medical services to care for trauma victims immediately. Sounds lovely. The reality is that when you head into a Emergency room it is full of illegal aliens and indigents using it as a primary doctor source. None of them are going to pay a bill. What right (other than being forced by congress) does anyone have to force another to pay their medical bills. Or any other bills or necessities for that matter.

President Obama should stop the lie that Medical Care is not available to everyone. All he has to do is walk into any crowded emergency room in the country to see that coverage is provided.  Not to mention Medicare, Medical, or privately held hospitals such as St. Jude.

Is this a perfect system? No. Is the current bill the solution? Hell No. Lets just start with no longer promising free care in our emergency rooms so that the rest of us who are working to pay for our coverage can just pay for ourselves. The insurance companies know that when they get a bill for my care or those of us that are covered a major portion of that charge is used to pay for the uninsured.

The worry here, is the tax payer is now going to get screwed again. Once by the insurance premiums and again by the taxes. All in the name of President Obama feeling better about himself. President Obama your a rich man, why don’t you donate all your money to pay for medical services first. Then come and get my money.

President Obama it took you 6 months to choose a dog.  It has taken you almost a year to make a decision on Afghanistan.  The American Health Care System deserves more time and scrutiny.

New welfare rules

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Welfare recipients will be gaining another form of my tax money.  FREE HEALTH CARE that I’m going to be forced to play for.   I think we should no longer offer them checks in the mail.  Lets start with a new policy.  Checks will be given out after a full school week.  (Cities would choose the school) and passing of a drug test.  Failure equals no check.   As a country have just saved probably a billion dollars within the first year.   You know they won’t show up for school and even if the Feds don’t know it.  Most most pass the drug test either.  Funny, drug testing is mandatory at my place of work.  Why not for welfare?

Cost of New Pharmaceuticals

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16 – 40 BILLION dollars per year are spent on developing new drugs.  The advantages are new better medicines that work for all of us.  However if someone has a reaction then the Attorney’s circle around like vultures ready to pounce.  Yes it is horrible when someone reacts badly to a new drug.  Drug companies are really trying to help!  Helping people can be extremely profitable.  The profits are taxed (excessively) but still taxed so the government gets more than it’s share.

If and when our new socialized medical system is put in place who is going to risk getting sued, taxed or worse jailed for the development of new medicines for any of us.  Congress is promising once again the regulations of the profits that a company will be allowed to earn.  Congress Waxman even  demanded to know what these company expense were.  (It really isn’t any of his business)  However he placed this burden on only this type of company. Seems odd that Congressman Henry Waxman didn’t ask for a detailed public accounting of his donors.

Would you want to work in a company that at any point might cost you your life savings or jail for the product you produce?  Congress must add Torte reform and let the market decide on the cost of drugs.  This won’t happen under the current Obama Administration because government in this case always knows best.  Come on, lets keep out free market system. President Obama’s Cabinet members are working at controlling not only which medicines will be produced but who gets them.  Which states will pay more and which (future Voters) will pay less.

Martha Stewart spent some time in jail for knowing which drug was about to be denied approval by the FDA.  Which members of Obama’s Cabinet have this same information?

We would all like to be healthy and enjoy a good life.  Drugs help that along.  In the case where any single person chooses to use any medicine this must be done at their own risk.  Drug companies really are trying to help people in general.   It’s time for congress and President Obama to stop demonizing them.

We have the best medical system in the world.  People from all over the world are trying to get to America to use our system.  Here comes the Change that Candidate Obama promised.  What will you do when all your meds have to come from Mumbai, Sweden or the local witch doctor?

Doctor Costs

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The first year at Harvard according to their web site is $66,600 then put that at 8 years. $532,800.00 if it were paid out of pocket. That includes living expenses and the education. Also nice to see real value when you adjust for weeding out people who probably didn’t deserve to get into Med School.
Medicare is offering on average of $41.00 to the doctor for each visit. (this is the average of a visit based on the sites that provided actual monies, most gave percentages which were a crazy government formula).
If the doctor sees two patients an hour and works an eight hour day a doctor could earn a whopping $656.00 from Medicare. The next health plan will be worse. Because all doctors will be forced to accept what is paid. They won’t be able to play nurse, receptionist, or a couple of ex wives. What is the world coming to. Lets put congress at this same formula. Or at least force congress to use this new health care program that they are so sure we need.

Free market pharmacies

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Lets start with not having a healthcare bill at all.  That said why has there been a lot of talk about the $300 million Medicaid “fix” that Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu got for her home state just before voting in favor of  the Senate health bill on the floor for consideration. ” The Louisiana Purchase”. If a pharmaceutical company did this they would be called before congress and accused of a BRIBE.  Somehow this seems to escape Harry Reid.

So if we want change and using other countries as an example lets start with MEXICO.  In Mexico pharmacies are everywhere.  Other than narcotics or harmful drugs you may purchase what you wish for your own consumption.  Lets begin there.  Release all pharmacies to sell any drug that does not put the public in danger to anyone who wishes to buy them for personal use.   I know that Harry Reid, the Senate, Nancy Pelosi, Congress and the entire Obama administration do not really want us to have any choice in our own medical decision or faith that we many know whats best for ourselves.  However this would free people up to use their own money as they see fit.  If they want a doctors advice, they many go and ask which drug he recommends.

This would put profits into local pharmacies, the drug companies and give consumers a direct choice of their own health issues.   Free market at work.  Pharmacies would compete driving down prices to get customers to buy drugs from their store.  This could happen immediately.

This proposal was under 2000 pages!  It would save everyone money!  It is not in the current Health Care Bill, Why?

Israel would soon disappear off the map

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TEHRAN. With the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ah...

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Israel would soon disappear off the map and that the ‘satanic power’ of the United States faced destruction, in his latest verbal attack on the Islamic Republic’s arch-foes.  You should know that the criminal and terrorist Zionist regime which has 60 years of plundering, aggression and crimes in its file has reached the end of its work and will soon disappear off the geographical scene,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 6/2/2008

“Today, the only tool in the hands of [our] enemies is to wage a psychological war and raise the hue and cry; but they know well that threats will have no impact on the Iranian nation,”
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 11/21/2009

Iran‘s ambassador to the UN, Mohammad Khazaee, sent a letter of protest to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonin which he wrote that “there is no explanation for Israel’s continuing threats against Tehran“.
He was referring to an interview given by former Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh to the Sunday Times in which he said that if Iran were not further sanctioned by this Christmas Israel would attack the country.
Sneh told the paper that if Israel were forced to attack the Islamic Republic on its own it would do so, remarks the Iranian ambassador deemed “irresponsible”.

Iran’s acknowledgement of the Fordow plant’s existence was long overdue and “reduces confidence” that Tehran was not concealing other sites — possibly support facilities Fordow.
It said Iran had told the IAEA it started building the plant within a bunker beneath a mountain in the second half of 2007, but the IAEA had satellite pictures and intelligence evidence indicating construction work got under way as early as 2002.
The entire weekend has been spent doing practice drills with the Iranian military in defense of these strategic facilities.
Seems Ahmadinejad is taking Israel seriously, why hasn’t the Obama Administration or the United Nations?  How much longer can Israel sit back and wait to see the success of a Iranian Nuclear bomb?