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California Bail Out

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Does a vote for fellow democrats mean more bailouts?  California is bankrupt.  Would a Jerry Brown Victory mean a Federal Bail out from the rest of us?  Meg Whitman would never ask for the money, Yet Brown will need to pay off the unions.  If you love the Bail Out and feel you should pay for California to keep spending Vote Democrat.  Remember spread your money around, you are your brothers Keeper, no matter how they choose to spend it.


Over Spending the Democratic way of life!


If the polls stay where they are…

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“If the polls stay where they are I win”

Harry Reid

Wow Harry, wouldn’t you like to have the election first?  Al Gore thought he should have won.  Only he wanted just a few area’s “recounted” to make it a semi fact and ignore the US Constitution.   Then John Kerry thought he was going to win. Dewey and the Chicago Tribune both thought Truman was out. In case you have forgotten these Politicians turned out to be losers.

I know that the voting screens in Nevada are preset with your name and vote cast.  But many republicans can read and are unchecking your name and box.  Perhaps when the votes are actually cast you may see a Senator Angle.  You haven’t won yet Harry.

They gotta sit in the Back?

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Obama said Republicans had driven the economy into a ditch and then stood by and criticized while Democrats pulled it out.

“Obama claiming Democrats fixed the economy, is like the Captain of the Titanic offering discount tickets for the second passage”.

Now that progress has been made, he said, “we can’t have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

Do you refer to all your union money on this President Obama?

Are you refering to the Democratic candidates who don’t want your endorsement?

The Middle Class you refer to, are these the unemployed middle class that you helped create?  Are you offering more?

What about all your foreign money you’ve collected while you scream about the republicans “foreign take over”.  China must just love you.

All those middle class you claim to help with your missquided policies, are these same people you think will wish to vote for your election?  President Obama you do know your not on this ballot?  This is about the people who shoved your policies through in the middle of the night.  Your emergency legislation will now be paid by the middle class.  It’s time for them to collect!

President Obama, not only is the country not going to “Sit in the Back”, but it’s time we take the wheel and control our own future.  Yes the very future you have worked so hard to attack and force your version of servitude upon.

Liberty, as won by so many past generations will be regained not because of you, but in spite of you.  So thanks for the open microphone.  Once again you’ve shown the American People where you stand.

If you love Obama but hate his policies, stay home this election day.  If you hate Obama and want to send a message, Vote for a Republican, or Independent.

Reid-Ashjian Connection?

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Is there a connection beyond the LDS church for Senator Harry Reid and Scott Ashjian?

Harry Reid is the highest ranking Mormon is American history.  Unless Governor Romney could obtain the White House.  The Mormons typically do not fight in public and this would be no different if Jon Scott Ashjian can help Senator Reid as the spoiler in the election over Harry Reid.   Why would two Latter Day Saint members who should be on opposite side of every political discussion work to unseat Senate hopeful Sharron Angle?

Time will tell but the election commission should be doing some investigation.

Politics is a dirty game and Senator Reid will stop at nothing to keep his long help position in Washington.

Change the Speaker in 2010

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Nancy Pelosi

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“I have my eye on the prize in terms of, we have a goal, we’re going to do this for the middle class, this is what’s at stake. … All my focus is the 1 in 5 children we’re going to lift out of poverty into the middle class.”  Nancy Pelosi

Doesn’t seem to bother her that it means punishing the 80% of working people for her to achieve her goal of lifting others.  As President Obama keeps telling us we are our brothers or sisters keepers.  Yet they hold the pocket book and will decide who gets the money they have forced from the 80% of us they are not lifting.  Robin Hood was a mythical character about saving the poor by stealing from the rich.  Nancy Pelosi is real and she, Harry Reid and President Barack Obama are the modern day Robin Hoods who are stealing not only from the 80 % of the tax paying working people but they have robbed 100% from the future generations.

Know your vote!  If you think you wish to support this type of theft from the tax payers send in 75 % of your paycheck.  See how it feels.  Remember it will help someone who was less fortunate.  If you want to help, vote against the Democratic Machine and unseat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  The cost of her Jet alone will help a poor person.  It’s your local Congressman who put this Robin Hood in charge.  Change Speakers 2010!

Whats Harry Reid Hiding?

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The AARP letter shows Senator Harry Reid responding to Social Security with a typical Liberal confusing answer.  Now it has disappeared off Senator Reid’s own website.  Has he changed his mind again?  Or realized that his answer would cost him more votes?  You decide.

AARP: Our Nation’s deficit is threatening our economy and the financial security of future generations, and it needs to be reduced. Congress must cut wasteful spending, but we need to make sure that any proposed solutions look at the impact on real people, not just budget numbers. Unfortunately, there are proposals to reduce the deficit by cutting Social Security benefits Americans have earned over a lifetime of hard work. Social Security is paid for by contributions from workers and their employers and has not added to the deficit. Instead of cutting Social Security to reduce the deficit, Congress needs to crack down on waste and inefficient spending and make the tough decisions to fairly balance revenue and spending.

Harry Reid: I also am concerned that privatization could require more than $5 trillion in new debt to finance privatized accounts. This huge new debt would pose unnecessary risks to our economy, and threaten to slow growth and lead to large tax increases in the future. (Source: http://reid.senate.gov/issues/socialsecurity.cfm)

(this link no longer works on Senator Reid’s own web site)

Sharron Angle: The fastest way to get the economy moving again is to cut spending, pay back the national debt, and make permanent the Bush Tax Cuts which are due to expire in just a few months. Steps like these would go a long way toward giving the business community the confidence they need to start creating jobs and hiring again. (Source: http://sharronangle.com/issues)

Attention Senator Reid:  Allowing people to save Social Security Money, does not add new Debt.  It provides security for seniors when they are at an age to enjoy whats left of their life.   When they no longer wish to hope that their government has spent them into the poor house.  Privatization would allow them to not worry about politicians such as yourself spending all their hard earned money.

Perhaps you would care to explain why after years of seniors putting money into social security this years Senate took a RAISE but Social security did not…..

Enjoy your retirement Senator.

Harry Reids World Wide Depression

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“But for me, we would be in a world wide depression”.  Harry Reid!

Wow the arrogance of this Senator from Nevada.  It is his policies that put the United States of America in jeopardy and ironically, his continued spending that will lead us there.

Harry Reid must be replaced with anyone!  Sharon Angle will be a fine choice but the State of Nevada could have placed anyone on the ballot and it would have been a better choice than Harry.  Harry has overspent our money in the name of Saving the world. All on the backs of the American Tax Payer.

The depression that he claims to have spent our way out of was caused the spending habits of career politicians such as Harry, Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Administration. Ironically the Depression he claims to have cured will probably still arrive because of his policies.

Come on Nevada, throw the Bum Out.  This arrogant Senator must be removed from office, we await your decision.

The great crash of 2010

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Just like the rise of 1929, everyone was pulled into the market.  Up, up, up went the stocks, while speculators were selling stocks and making a small fortune.  Suddenly the market started down in 1929, and in less than 3 days the markets was flat. The great crash of 29 had seen the market when it was over fall 89% where the DOW closed at 41.22 on July 8, 1932.  Years after the original fall.

From today’s high  $11143.69 to a fall of 89% would put us at $1225.80 are we really prepared?

Government spending out of control.  Housing defaults currently halted, which in itself is a problem.  Will they all come back all at once, driving the housing market down further?  The feds keep devaluing the currency.  Gold is rising!  Unemployment at an all time high and yet we can’t even get a straight number from the feds.  Pensions underfunded.  401K’s are flat.  Pensioners are having to sell their hard assets to stay afloat.

Wow the Obama years sound great so far.

October 2010 will history repeat itself?

Viva La Chile

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Viva La Chile,

Thinking back on this country trying to get little Jessica McClure out of a small hole in Midland Texas back in 1987, it’s hard not to share those same emotions with our friends in Chile. Tonight as your country retrieves all those trapped minors. The Untied States, and the world wish you well tonight. Good luck Congratulation.

Morals Clause for congress?

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How about a MORALS clause for congress?  Many of us sign a moral turpitude clause for work, what about one for Congress and the Senate?  Would your congress person pass the Morals clause?

Inditement does not mean guilt, but maybe with a Morals Clause we could remove their retirement if found guilty and still in office as an enticement to get some of the Immoral characters out of office.

Lets me honest politics is a dirty business, but we need to look up to the people who have been elected.

Hence the Morals Clause, that would promise that a simple set up morals would be followed while in office.

Perhaps we could start with some simple ones, Thou Shalt not STEAL!
Thou Shalt not covent or sexually harass my fellow member of Congress‘s spouse or page.  Wow there go a few right there.

No bribes, and when caught serve the time that a judge gives them, no more getting out of jail free or early.

Its time to look into the dealings of these people who asked to “lead” us and put them to some hire standard than what we are getting.

Maxine Waters has been indicted, if found guilty will she go away, or will she force the house to make those decisions for her.

Charlie Rangle, is facing a hearing.  Innocent till proven guilty or depending on what the meaning of Is, Is!

Bill Clinton put the country through hell, not to mention his family.  Wow no morals there.

Wouldn’t buy a used car from Harry Reid but not currently aware of a real crime his has committed, just not a good moral guy. Maybe Sharon Angle will fix that.

Yes, the question is really simple, would your congressman or congresswomen pass a Morals Clause?  Would you let them care for your young children?  Buy a used car from them?  Let them hold your money?

If you said no, then why are they running our country with night time back room deals?