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Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them

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Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them, yes not one refugee in a district who’s house member votes no!

Term limits? Lets see what happens when San Fransisco gets thousands of gay bashers living in the city by the bay.  Don’t like how the slut is dressed feel free to beat the living crap of out anyone one they disagree with.  Yes this will go over well with the female population of a free American City.

Obama is going to force millions of refugee’s on the American Public, he has been overheard using the Million Number.  He won’t say it publicly but lets just say he brings in one hundred thousand.  Where will they live?  Who is going to pay for them?  Why are American’s being asked to give free services to a new population when Veterans are begging for money, housing, food and help on the streets of America a country they already served?

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them, how will your congressional Representative vote?  Nancy Pelosi thinks we should bring them in, let her house them in her districts.  The killing of openly gay people will become common place when Sharia law takes over the city.

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them and how they vote will determine how the American Public will vote in the next election.  Obama has a plan, and we are going to have to live with the consequences of his secret plans for decades to come.   The American Public is not getting all the facts of the wave of people that have invaded Europe.  When you see young girls getting beaten for what they are wearing ( a personal choice) that is not in the image of what a member of the Muslim faith agrees with, they beat, kick and harm her.   The count of reported Rapes is up across the European Continent. So our solution is to bring more of the refugees here?  To America!

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them would challenge each member of Congress to determine what he or she believes to be be best for their own districts.  Make sure they stay here.  Is Wisconsin ready for a few thousand new supported members of their state?  If Paul Ryan believes they belong in this country let them live in his Neighborhood.  Attend school with his children.  Drive through his home town.  Lets see if he as Speaker of the house is happy about the opinion of the refugees about the choice of dress of his daughters.   How many refugee’s children will we put in the same School with President Obama’s Daughters? How many refugee’s will be place in Washington D.C. or Chicago?

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them and we will see how many will live on Nancy Pelosi’s Street.  Home Town, or Neighborhood.

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them would bring term limits faster than all the money spent trying to remove bad politicians in American History.  Be careful for what you wish, for it may all come true, Hope and Change.


When a Politician gets it wrong

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When a Politician gets it wrong unless it happens during an election year, there are no consequences for that individual.  The taxpayers get the tab.

During the 70’s the USGS announced that the San Andres Fault was pushing up.  Millions of dollars were spent following the rise of the fault line and people were encouraged to prepare for the “Big One” as all of California waited for the next giant earthquake to split California in two.  Earthquakes are serious buisness, and being prepared is a good thing but the hysteria that followed was almost comical looking back.  One day someone looked at the equipment, and noticed that for years they had been making a simple calculation mistake.  We were not inching up after all.  In fact the fault had not moved in over a 150 years.  Another problem all together but the hysteria was over.  Climate change reminds me of this story.  As we are hyped into believing that if we don’t spend more on a particular politicians solution the oceans will rise and we will all die from green house gas.  How it’s my SUV that are responsible and not Washington’s use of Boeing Jets that needs to be curtailed I will never understand.

When a Politician gets it wrong we have to pay the price for their lack of understanding of Science and general thought.  Each Politician get to remedy the situation based on how it effects there district.

When a Politician gets it wrong once they retire from Washington they collect their money, as if they earned a cushy retirement.  We the taxpayers get to pay the ultimate price.

When a Politician gets it wrong we all suffer.  Let us count the ways.  Social Security is insolvent, yet they don’t have to have it work, because they are not relying on it to survive in their retirement.  We could fix that as voters and taxpayers if we just had the will.  Global Warming alarmist have been wrong for years and now we call it “Climate Change” because it didn’t get warm.  Or maybe we should just call it by it old name, “Weather” .    Yet the U.N. wants full control of the world under this new fear.  Unfortunately President Obama loves this idea, so instead of stopping the insanity we are going to spend taxpayer funds on this fallacy.  If the world does heat up, it will cool it self off as it has for millions of years.

When a Politician gets it wrong they are allowed to borrow money, from us the taxpayers to buy into the stock market and sell bonds for fund their lack of foresight.  If you buy a stock and it goes down you lose money.  When a Politician does it in your name, they leave you and I or us holding the bag.  Detroit should be enough to scare everyone, Stockton CA  or Orange County, California.  Yet they are doing it again.

When a Politician gets it wrong, they force the general public into Obama care and exempt themselves.  How many would take back there vote today?

When a Politician gets it wrong we pay and they move on.

When a Politician gets it wrong they just lie to us and themselves.


Stopping Obama

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Stopping Obama the Ruling President!  How will the Senate, Congress or Courts stop a Ruling President from just declaring any law he wishes?  At any moment he can do exactly what the founding fathers had tried so hard to prevent in the United States of America, a Dictator style of leadership.  We are a country of compromises, and usually both sides are dissatisfied.  The Democrats should be as worried as the Republicans and Independents.  What will happen if Sarah Palin had the same power?  Every Democrat and liberal reporter would be up in arms as a President Palin bypassed Congress and the American People and did what ever they wished by Czar, Executive Order or Presidential decree.   It’s the process of how we are forced as each Executive order is decreed,  that should scare Americans.  It’s not up the the President to threaten congress with his choice of what to do, and then just force a New Signature based law upon the American People.   Harry Reid will be screaming if a President Palin just signed every choice of hers onto the American People.  But as Majority leader Mr. Reid has been a willing accomplice to President Obama.  Was Obama Care really worth throwing out 230 years of Senate Rule?  Will Closing Gitmo by Presidential Pardons really make the world Safer in the eyes of our enemies? Are Cuba and the Castro regime worth bypassing the Senate on foreign affairs?  (For those to young they aimed Russian Nukes at the United States).   Will we bail out Venezuela when they tank their economy, while hurting their people.

Stopping Obama must be done within the rules of law.  Where is the free Press?  They are a willing accomplice to get their view of the world not the other way around.  Turn off those networks that do not cover the IRS Scandal, Golf Gate, Illegal Immigrants flooding the boarders, Benghazi hidden agenda that caused 4 Americans to Die.  Where was the President on that night?  Why doesn’t the Press push for an answer?

Stopping Obama, Oprah supported him, and asked her followers to vote for this man.  Oprah still has a following and is regarded as one of the greatest Americans of her time.  In 6 years how many people can still say they support President Obama and his policies.  He keeps telling people what they want to hear, or as it used to be called, The President is lying.  Where is Oprah Now with the Obama’s?  Where are the other Liberal Elites who asked for Americans to Vote for him?

The Fable of the Emperors new cloths tells of a boy who believed his own eyes as his King ran around naked in front of everyone who told him he looked great.  Well, Open your eyes America.

The Courts must prevent an activist President from fundamentally “bringing Change to America” by Executive Order.  It is unconstitutional and must be brought before Supreme Court.

If every person who reads this would just contact their own congressman and voice their opinion it would be a start to the people taking control.



Washington REDSKINS

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Is there no part of the United States Constitution that is sacred or respected by the Obama Administration?  Using the Trademark office to deny the longstanding copyright and trademark of a buisness after the fact is a new low.  At least when you are working at being the worst Presidency in the history of America consistency is a valid argument.   Courts have been battling over this for years, and with another stroke of the pen the Obama Administration moves around common sense, the law and the will of the people to inflict it’s own “best judgement” on the people.  What Next?  Dred Scott Decision put back into place?  How about no cars above the 25 mile per hour speed limit?  Obama Care was thrust upon the American People by changing the rules.  Now we are changing them after the fact again.  Do I hear a Third Term for President Obama?  It would only take a stroke of his pen, since the rules or constitution don’t seem to have any bearing on his abilities to get his will.

Governors of America, Open your national parks!

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Governors of the United States of America it’s time to Stand Up and prove why we are a States rights country.

Grand Canyon, Arizona. The canyon, created by ...

Grand Canyon, Arizona. The canyon, created by the Colorado River over 6 million years, is 277 miles (446 km) long, ranges in width from 4 to 18 miles (6.4 to 24 kilometers), and attains a depth of more than a mile (1.6 km). Arizona, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Delicate Arch, a natural arch near Moab, Utah

The Delicate Arch, a natural arch near Moab, Utah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Governor Herbert of Utah, Keep Moab and St George hotels full with tourists.
Governor Brewer of Arizona- Open the Grand Canyon as if we could close a hole.
Governor Mead of Wyoming– Don’t let Obama Close our first National Park, Open the Gates

All of the State Governors defy our federal Government and free your people to travel, Shop and use your states hotels.



Become the leaders we elected.  Earn the respect of your citizens, our country and keep America Free.  In spite of it’s current leaders.

Roosevelt Gate

Roosevelt Gate (Photo credit: Gene1138)

Law of the Land in Obamaland

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English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House


If President Obama announces one more time that Obama Care is the law of the land and therefore must be obeyed i think I will start drinking heavy till his term is over!

Here are some other Great Laws of the Land that we have had:

The Wright Amendment of 1979 is a federal law governing traffic.
It limited most non-stop flights to destinations within Texas and neighboring states, Or to make it short, we punished one business, Southwest Airlines to benefit other Airlines.  Yes our Federal Government is the best money can buy.

Dred Scott v. Sandford:   A Slave who unsuccessfully sued for his freedom (as a black man) and that of his wife and two daughters.    The Key here is Unsuccessfully Sued and lost.  Even though the state they resided in was a free State.  The point is…LAW of the LAND!


And this weeks best stupid law and reason to shut down the federal government:  Congress, The Supreme Court Justices and the Internal Revenue Service do not have to participate and are waived from OBAMA CARE!  Yet you the American Tax Payer will be fined if you do not.  It’s time to make sure we know who wrote the stupid law, waived themselves out of the stupid law and have now shut down the federal government…. Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats in Congress.

Way to go guys…. You have joined the pantheon of leaders acting stupidly under the LAW of the LAND….

Obama gives up the Jewish Vote!

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President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minis...

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The middle east has had a unique year.  Turmoil, unrest and cries for liberties and freedom are new, and in some place are finding a voice.  Only time will tell if this was for the better.  Yet after years of a Pro Israel support from the United States this president has forced the only real democracy in the region in a defensive position.  Without warning the call for boarders of the pre 1967 position which were indefensible then, are now called for by President Obama.  Once again his desire for Hope and Change is going to cause lots of unintended change.  He nor his administration promised anything better, just change.  Where’s Rahm Emanuel when you need him?  Without a actual Jewish voice in the Presidents ear it seems he as once again lost his way.

Good luck Prime Minister Netanyahu, trying to explain support, loyalty, defense and the region to our brilliant president.

Presidents Trump and Taylor

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General Zachary Taylor in uniform.

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So what if Donald Trump did or didn’t Vote in an Election.  Obama Voted Present over and over and it was his job to Vote.  Zachary Taylor never voted in an election, but lets not use that analogy since the his Presidency was so short lived.  There are stories that Thomas Jefferson, US Grant and Dwight D Eisnehower also had not voted till them became President.  If they (the Media are going to go after Donald Trump or Future President Trump) then they will have to find real issues.   Like was President Obama born in the US?  Think of the mess that would cause.  Every law he signed would be vacated that day!

So Donald, if we may be so bold.  Keep up the good fight and let them all have it.

Obama’s do as I say not as I do…

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United States President Barack Obama signs int...

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President Obama voted against Bush’s debt-limit increase in 2006 as a senator, accusing Bush of “a leadership failure.” Obama recently apologized for “making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country.”  Now as President, Mr. Obama is hoping that the Senators will give him more money.  Perhaps it’s time to cut up those credit cards and stop President Obama from spending freely with money he doesn’t have.

Socialism is always fails when you run out of other peoples money.  We are now out of money, credit and time.  Talk about the Obama Leadership Failure.

USA Taxes for Mosques

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View from Al-Azhar Park

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How can the Obama Administration justify the building and fixing of Mosques in Egypt and Syria when the separation of Church and State forbids it?  Yes your tax dollars are at work, providing new buildings, construction on Mosques and computer services?  WHY?  HOW?  Try getting the Obama Administration to build a playground at a local church.  Still happy with your vote?