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TSA detonation device

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From the photograher, Dean Shaddock: This was ...

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Instead of a bomb sniffing machine, or a scanning device for entering an Air Craft how about a Bomb Detonation Device?  No more Women in Berka’s doing a self pat down.  Yes, everyone would enter the device alone.  The machine would trigger all known explosives.  The rest of us would fly to our destination.  No more worries about having grandma felt up before the the holidays.  Clean, Simple and to the point.  If you wish to explode,  the good people at the TSA are here to help.  Fly Safe Everyone.


The Exile of President Obama

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President Barack Obama is seen with White Hous...

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The Exile of President Obama must end.  It is time for Barack to come home and face the music and stop running around the world looking for friends.  I know this will come as a shock, but they don’t like you either. Besides the pilots on Air Force One need a break.  While you sleep on board they have to work and pay taxes.  With all the over time you are piling up for them, they must owe alot.  Nancy Pelosi will be without a plane soon maybe you could give her a ride, in this country.   Come home Barry, stop spending other peoples money and lets help the new congress turn off your money press.

Come home Barry, It’s time to clean up your garden!