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Obama & Carter more alike than EVER!

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“For the first time, the international organization has set a date for the moment when the “Age of America” will end and the U.S. economy will be overtaken by that of China.”  So much for the thoughts of the IMF.  Just like during the Carter Administration, when everything in our country was going wrong, We are starting to feel the same from the Obama Administration.  And why not, neither President seems to understand the world, the power of the presidency or history.  The Carter Malaise speech, showed how little Jimmy Carter understood the office of the President.  Jimmy Carter nor Barack Obama understand the Middle East, which we the American People continue to pay for. No confidence in the People or the USA.  Obama Repeats history by apologizing for American every chance he gets.  Now the IMF is predicting the end of America as Number 1, which President Obama has been working towards since his Election.

I don’t think Donald Trump or Ron Paul or any other republican leader is going to sit back and allow us to accept number 2.  It took President Ronald Reagan 18 months to turn things around.  Lets hope the next President can shorten that time frame.  It’s time for the IMF and Obama to go back to wishing they could destroy the country, rather than doing it.


Presidents Trump and Taylor

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General Zachary Taylor in uniform.

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So what if Donald Trump did or didn’t Vote in an Election.  Obama Voted Present over and over and it was his job to Vote.  Zachary Taylor never voted in an election, but lets not use that analogy since the his Presidency was so short lived.  There are stories that Thomas Jefferson, US Grant and Dwight D Eisnehower also had not voted till them became President.  If they (the Media are going to go after Donald Trump or Future President Trump) then they will have to find real issues.   Like was President Obama born in the US?  Think of the mess that would cause.  Every law he signed would be vacated that day!

So Donald, if we may be so bold.  Keep up the good fight and let them all have it.

Obama’s do as I say not as I do…

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President Obama voted against Bush’s debt-limit increase in 2006 as a senator, accusing Bush of “a leadership failure.” Obama recently apologized for “making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country.”  Now as President, Mr. Obama is hoping that the Senators will give him more money.  Perhaps it’s time to cut up those credit cards and stop President Obama from spending freely with money he doesn’t have.

Socialism is always fails when you run out of other peoples money.  We are now out of money, credit and time.  Talk about the Obama Leadership Failure.

Republicans vs the Facebook Democrats

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How do the Republicans plan on competing against Obama, when he can present his case on Facebook to 500 million people.  The Republicans are suggesting that we all make a you tube video and they will give us 100 dollars if we win.  We are already losers! Go ahead and look up the Republican National Committee on you tube and count all the negative postings.  Who plans this stuff? How do the Republicans expect to compete with their own web site doesn’t work, links are broken and the quality of their site shows the lack of understanding to a new world.  President Obama probably can’t work his computer, but he has managed to find a team that can.  Get it together or prepare for another four years of kids choosing who will lead them to their future, and Facebook will lead the way.

Reince Priebus it’s time to get it together, take drastic measures or we will all be watching the Democrats in charge!  Maybe Mark Zuckerberg can actually help Obama control his spending?

Obamas Taxes

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Perhaps President Obama should heed his own advice and give more to the Federal Government. This is his real chance to show the American People how much he really cares. If a man who earns 400 thousand has a tax return of over million 2 perhaps we have found the solution. He should simply send in all the money he didn’t earn or stop flying around the world in Air Force One! Everyone who loves President Obama please send in the rest of your bank account. To the rest of you, Pay up, Shut up and vote November 6, 2012.