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Go Joe Go!

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Thank you Joe Lieberman.  How you can stand to be in the room with a group who will say anything, and mean nothing is beyond  all rational voters.  However once again you have risen above the fray and held integrity above politics.  Thank you for at least asking to see whats in the bill.  I’ll bet you even intend to read the new healthcare bill as well.

Perhaps some of the other Senators will follow suit and read it before making up their minds.  Perhaps while your planning on things the government is taking over you could fix some other well run government programs.  Medicare, Welfare, Amtrak, Social Security, The deficit, United States Postal Service, Acorn funding, A few current Wars, The falling Dollar, Pensions, Rising Student tuition, China policies, and the two class system of us and the Senate perks.  Thanks again Senator Lieberman, for your calming rational voice.

Calling for the Resignation of Defense Secretary Gates

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Dear Secretary of Defense Gates

You have been a fine public servant. Always behaving and working for the public good. Thank you!

For those that are unaware of your public record as an Eagle Scout in the Boys Scouts of America. A Graduate of William and Mary, Indiana University and a Doctorate from Georgetown. Serving in the Military, the CIA and Strategic Air Command. I believe your record to be second to none and should be recognized for your service to our country.

However how much longer can a man such as yourself work for a President who is voting present?

Your resignation should be loud, public and with a severe rebut for the way this administration has dragged it’s feet.

This Administration is not worthy of you!

Cornyn address Obama about Afghanistan

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Here is a copy of the letter sent to President Obama by Senator Cornyn.  Where are the rest of our Senators?  Why is there only One Voice willing to go public and call out the adminstration on his lack of action?  Thank you Senator it is great to see someone is still awake in Washington.
Dear President Obama:

I am dismayed by your seeming indecision regarding the way ahead in Afghanistan. I fully appreciate the importance of thorough deliberation on a matter of such importance but, at some point, open-ended deliberation evolves into hesitation and procrastination. Stalled decision-making creates a dilemma for our allies, who are trying to gauge our long-term intentions in the region prior to committing their own forces and other resources.

The assessment by General Stanley McChrystal, commander of the International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan, makes plainly clear that a commitment of additional forces to the Afghanistan theater of operations is necessary. He states that, “success will require a discrete ‘jump’ to gain the initiative . . . .” I understand that he has formally made this request, but that you have yet to decide whether to grant it. I urge you in the strongest terms to move ahead with the “jump” in forces and other resources, as requested by General McChrystal. You handpicked him to carry out this complex task and lead our troops in Afghanistan, and I applaud you for that – he is the right person for the job. The counterinsurgency strategy you announced in March is the right one and, when put to use thus far in Afghanistan, it has proven effective. I ask you to now heed General McChrystal’s advice to stick with that strategy and give him what he needs to win. Every moment that goes by without deploying the needed reinforcements to Afghanistan puts those men and women in uniform already on the ground there at greater risk, and that fact requires no additional analysis.

While I recognize the importance of Afghanistan’s coming run-off elections and the need to ensure the legitimacy of its government, our national security decisions should never be contingent on such events, which are beyond our control. These elections should not delay your decision on General McChrystal’s troop request.

In the bigger picture, I am concerned that indecision may be seen by our enemies – and not just those in Afghanistan – as a lack of U.S. national resolve. This could potentially put Americans in unnecessary danger. History instructs that, when our enemies perceive a lack of U.S. national resolve, they sometimes act on it.

I worry that your administration considers the Afghanistan mission merely an unwanted distraction from your sweeping domestic “change” agenda. To the contrary, Afghanistan is now the central front in the Global War on Terror, and our national security depends on winning there. It is past time for your administration to dispense with talk of “inheriting” problems – both foreign and domestic – from your predecessor. Instead, I urge you to commit your administration to success in Afghanistan and act decisively to that end. The United States is in the lead in Afghanistan; as our commander-in-chief, I urge you to take ownership of this mission.



United States Senator

Reprinted letter from Senator Cornyn to the President.

Congressional Health care

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Candidates for office promised us Congressional Health care not a version the Congress wouldn’t accept. So why is it a two tiered system with us at the bottom. No matter which plan they offer to shove down our throats we must insist that congress and their children are on the same plan. It never fails that what ever congress and in this case, Obama say we can’t live without, they have no intention of joining. Reminds me of the book Animal Farm, some pigs are more equal than others.

If you haven’t called your congress person yet, it’s time folks. Take a stand or the only doctor with any skill will only be working on your elected officials.

Obama vs Fox

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Dear Mr President:

Why is it you have time to worry about a TV network and not enough time to decide if your going to support our troops with additional men? How is it that Glenn Beck, Bill O’Rielly or Rupert Murdoch have your attention but you have ignored General McChrystals request?

Sir as President of the United States you represent the 307,751,816 people who live here. Even the 65.5 million who voted for you are awaiting your decision. So why is it that when I turn on my TV your administration and yourself are worrying about a TV station.

President Obama, you are no longer running for President, you are the President. You’ll have to learn that lots people disagree with you. Some even hate you. But your still President. However most of the citizens of the United States of America respect the office of Commander in Chief and we want you to act the part and make a decision with Afghanistan and Iraq.

If you need some extra help. The next time I see a soldier having a shoot out with some Taliban or Afghanistan fighters I would like to see some serious Aircraft dropping some precision weapons on their heads till our soldiers are out of harms way. Killing the enemy is war, and we are in a war!

The WizardofAws


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Healthcare: Step 1

Each state will convert one Law school into a State Sponsored Medical School.  Training new doctors is the first step to curing this debacle that the Obama Administration has created.   Even though American’s enjoy the best medical care in the world, somehow we have been convinced that our system must be overhauled.  OK, if we are going to fund and offer extra free care to the poor.  Lets not place that on the backs of Medical Students who have to cover their own loans.  The New Fifty Medical Schools would be sponsored by the Federal Government and require each new physician to provide service in the state that trained them to low income facilities.

Note that every hospital in America already offers free care to anyone who cannot pay.  Somehow President Obama always omits this.  Also every state forces insurance companies to offer insurance to people who have pre existing conditions.  Another point they act like doesn’t exist.  If the President says it does that make it so?

The bonus to this system is we reduce the number of lawyers in the process!

Expand Lompoc Federal Prison before it’s to late.

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How about a new Federal Prison? Hawaii seems like a nice place for retirement. Yes lets dump a few billion into duplicating Lompoc Federal Prison. Federal Prison Camp at Lompoc, the country club of federal prisons is among 27 minimum security Federal Prisons in our system. I would think the administration might want to start pouring some of the excess dollars they seem to have lying around. Perhaps a few billion!

The reason? At the rate the administration is ripping apart campaign promises, violating the constitution, ignoring the voters, suppressing citizens rights, and well just doing as they damn well please we are going to need the prison beds. Remember the Constitution only requires “crimes and misdemeanors” for removal. Prison according to your Attorney General should be used anytime as a threat or punishment. Some of the administration could be spending some serious time at a Federal Prison long before the Obama term is over.

Eric Holder thinks it is ok to look back at other administrations for crimes. Well I think that a President Palin, President Perry, President Romney, President Gingrich, President Clinton or any sane elected President might need to undo some of these new fangled laws.

Perhaps we could build a CZAR wing so they have some company. It will work just like the administration. We won’t tell them why they are there, or how long they will serve. They will just sit around serving time.

According to G. Gordon Liddy Federal Prison is not that bad. You can cook your own meals, learn to make gold jewelry, play golf, tennis, garden, arts and crafts and have phone and internet access. No wigs or deceptive garb allowed. Ask Martha Stewart and all she did was sell some stock.

Remember President Ford granted a pardon for President Nixon, but they were of the same party affiliation. President George W Bush refused to allow his Attorney General to go after Clinton Staffers after they had destroyed Federal property when removing all the “W’s” off the computer key boards. Yet your administration sees fit to keep the threat of imprisonment over the staff, officials and administration of President Bush.

Might the next administration see Speaker Pelosi’s use of a 757. Vice President Biden’s closed door deal for his Senate Seat for his son. The administrations back room deals with Health care. The burdensome spending which is all going to political cronies. Hyper inflation called Stimulus Spending. The lack of a direction of the WAR in Afghanistan, even after the Generals have pleaded with the President for funding, troops, and new weapons. Any or all of these as Crimes, with a need for jail time.

Seriously think about building additional prisons in the style you wish to be accustom too. Lompoc could get crowded quickly.

Your Elected Representative!

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Is your elected representative an honest person? Only yours not all of congress but the person (in Washington) that you cast your vote for. If you believe you have voted for an honest politician please post your district and elected person here. I’m curious if anyone believes anyone in congress or the senate is honest.

Commander-in-Chief of what?

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“Even as we strive to seek a world in which conflicts are resolved peacefully and prosperity is widely shared, we have to confront the world as we know it today. I am the Commander-in-Chief of a country that’s responsible for ending a war and working in another theater to confront a ruthless adversary that directly threatens the American people and our allies.” President Obama (does it seem odd that he doesn’t refer to Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America)?

As the Commander in Chief of the United States of America you would think he would be using it’s name a little more than (of a country). It’s almost like he didn’t want to lay claim to us.

Nor does President Obama point out that every war we have fought was to win Liberty, Freedom and Victory.  Why is that?  Doesn’t he believe that we are a people for freedom?  Currently our war in Afghanistan is referred to as a theater.  It is a war as all our wars have been.  Soldiers are dying trying to do what was asked of them.  Now it is your job to support them at all possible cost as their Commander in Chief in a timely fashion.  Conflicts and more importantly war’s are fought to Win, not negotiate a peace.  (It really has never work that way, just a little history lesson there). There is no Vice Commander in Chief so you may ignore Vice President Biden, he doesn’t believe in war for Liberty or Freedom.

Please remember President Obama you asked for this Job.  You may not vote Present!