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The Affordable Care Act that we all live with is a simple law to fix.  Simply call each person running for congress in your district.  Ask if they will enroll themselves and family onto this system today? If they say yes, then ask them to prove it.  Every member of congress and every government employee should be on this system today.  Not us, while they the government elected official enjoy a different system.

Call Each Person Running for Congress in your district Today.  Ask if they are enrolled in OBAMA CARE and will their families, Staff and all Government Employees.  It must be yes for a vote.  Otherwise, “Some Pigs are more equal than others”.  With apologies to George Orwell



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Coffee-Salute-500x200How can President Obama be so insensitive?  Here are soldiers standing at attention but he can’t even put down the coffee and salute.  The man was given a Nobel Prize for nothing, now he’s dropping bombs that “someone else built” all over the place.  What an utter failure.  Lets hope he orders at least replacement missiles for the missiles he didn’t want, didn’t order, did not build, didn’t replace, and is now using.  Mr Obama  just a small man way over his head.  Does anyone realize he is disarming us?  One bomb “he didn’t want” at a time.  Put down the coffee, the vacations, the golf clubs and get to work, you are making a mess of the world, Mr. President.

Who’s side is President Obama on?

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When President Petro Proshenko thanked the United States for the Blankets and Night Vision goggles he acknowledged that Ukraine cannot defeat Russia with either.  Why would President Obama have ordered or demanded the destruction of Ukrainian small arms, anti air craft missiles and 15,000 tons of ammo?   How many countries in the world can one man destroy in a few short years?  If he is no naive, then he shouldn’t be President.  If he is doing this on purpose, the disarming of all allies where are the statesman? Where are our Senators?  Where is the Media?  Who is asking the questions?

Russia may keep winning a few more rounds, but who is going to stop Iran? Isle? The Taliban? Russia? Every misguided war lord that arises?   How I miss Ronald Reagan.