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Patriot Act lies

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2015 at 4:02 pm

Why does the Senate and key members of the intelligence community continue the Patriot Act lie, that we have no power to listen in on Telephone calls or Internet communications?  Is Rand Paul really the only person who is defending the constitution in a loud and vocal way?   Has he really placed himself at odds with the entire republican party?

A signed search warrant from a judge gives the NSA, FBI and CIA all the clearance that they need to listen in on all suspected criminals.  Is it so wrong to not follow an entire country and keep our privacy and liberties?  Should we as a country really listen to the private phone calls of the Chancellor of Germany? Even though the talking heads keep telling us repeatedly as if that makes it true that we can’t listen.

It’s time to listen to Mr. Snowden and decide which side of the rule of law we stand on.  If he is right and we have been violating our own laws, then Rand Paul is the American Patriot of the Day.


Harry Reid is Next!

In Uncategorized on May 29, 2015 at 3:18 pm

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was indicted on charges he structured the withdrawal of $1.7 million of cash to evade reporting requirements, according to a court document. He also is accused of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Illinois Republican was trying to “conceal his prior misconduct against Individual A,” the document alleges, without citing what that conduct or individual was. If Denny can be done if for Individual A imagine what’s going to happen to Harry Reid for Individuals B through Z and a double down on Romney.

As each of these members of congress face the same courts they allowed to terrify US citizens it interesting to see how fast they throw them under the bus.

Bailouts next winners shall be…

In Dollar Crisis on May 23, 2015 at 7:01 pm

Bailouts next winners shall be…Greece, while it has squandered the last 267 billion dollars it will have it’s hand back in the till of the hardworking Germans and the rest of the Euro Zone leaders to keep things status quo.

Curbing spending at just under 175 % of GDP they are feeling pretty good about asking for more money.

Bailouts next winners shall be… Japan is watching and with a debt ratio of a slimming 227 % and people still willing to work, it can hold out a while longer.  Then we have Italy with a money saving 132% debt to GDP and watching as the Greeks teach everyone how to play.  Yes it is a world stage and war is out, the new game is bankrupt your buddy.  The trick is to spend all your money before your friends can and take theirs while never changing. Portugal has learned a few along the way as well with a tightening of the belt of a 129 %.    All the while knowing that Europe will help and save the day.

Bailouts next winners shall be…The United States of America, with a lie according to governmental officials of a 101 dept from our GDP.  We are of course forced to keep this number posted with a straight face.  Because we have been printing from the Federal Reserved to keep up the Bonds of the United States Treasury.  No problem we done this before, but remember we also printed a few Billion off the books to keep our European Friends so we don’t count that number in our GDP or the Obama Debt.

Print at the Treasury, Print at the Fed, Print at the Mint, Borrow from all of it, Keep the Credit low so we can make payments and all the while import voters to the cause of the moment.

Bailouts next winners shall be…the over paid central bankers who are keeping this PONZI Scheme alive and well.  When it implodes they will charge the American Tax Payer, keep their jobs and retirement accounts while the hard working people of the USA fund it all.

Bailouts next winners shall be…another inept leader if we can keep it all together till the election.

When a Politician gets it wrong

In Climate Change, Dollar Crisis, Government Reforms, President obamas Cabinet, Presidential Campaign on May 9, 2015 at 5:20 pm

When a Politician gets it wrong unless it happens during an election year, there are no consequences for that individual.  The taxpayers get the tab.

During the 70’s the USGS announced that the San Andres Fault was pushing up.  Millions of dollars were spent following the rise of the fault line and people were encouraged to prepare for the “Big One” as all of California waited for the next giant earthquake to split California in two.  Earthquakes are serious buisness, and being prepared is a good thing but the hysteria that followed was almost comical looking back.  One day someone looked at the equipment, and noticed that for years they had been making a simple calculation mistake.  We were not inching up after all.  In fact the fault had not moved in over a 150 years.  Another problem all together but the hysteria was over.  Climate change reminds me of this story.  As we are hyped into believing that if we don’t spend more on a particular politicians solution the oceans will rise and we will all die from green house gas.  How it’s my SUV that are responsible and not Washington’s use of Boeing Jets that needs to be curtailed I will never understand.

When a Politician gets it wrong we have to pay the price for their lack of understanding of Science and general thought.  Each Politician get to remedy the situation based on how it effects there district.

When a Politician gets it wrong once they retire from Washington they collect their money, as if they earned a cushy retirement.  We the taxpayers get to pay the ultimate price.

When a Politician gets it wrong we all suffer.  Let us count the ways.  Social Security is insolvent, yet they don’t have to have it work, because they are not relying on it to survive in their retirement.  We could fix that as voters and taxpayers if we just had the will.  Global Warming alarmist have been wrong for years and now we call it “Climate Change” because it didn’t get warm.  Or maybe we should just call it by it old name, “Weather” .    Yet the U.N. wants full control of the world under this new fear.  Unfortunately President Obama loves this idea, so instead of stopping the insanity we are going to spend taxpayer funds on this fallacy.  If the world does heat up, it will cool it self off as it has for millions of years.

When a Politician gets it wrong they are allowed to borrow money, from us the taxpayers to buy into the stock market and sell bonds for fund their lack of foresight.  If you buy a stock and it goes down you lose money.  When a Politician does it in your name, they leave you and I or us holding the bag.  Detroit should be enough to scare everyone, Stockton CA  or Orange County, California.  Yet they are doing it again.

When a Politician gets it wrong, they force the general public into Obama care and exempt themselves.  How many would take back there vote today?

When a Politician gets it wrong we pay and they move on.

When a Politician gets it wrong they just lie to us and themselves.


Go go go Marco Rubio

In Iran, Obama, Presidential Campaign, Terrorists on May 2, 2015 at 1:28 am

Go go go Marco Rubio, it’s time someone stood up for the power of the people by using the United States Senate to demand the lawlessness of the Obama Administration being called to a vote.

Go go go Marco Rubio, simply put Senator Rubio is demanding a vote on to which the Iran Nuclear deal require Iran to agree that Israel is a Sovereign State and has the right to exist.  Yet there are Senator that do not wish to put this simple line into a treaty or be required to Vote.  Why, it would show who is actually not supporting our friends who had democracy in the middle east.  Can you imagine being a Senator who has a Jewish contributor (and they all do) and not being willing to add such a little referendum.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Put each and every Senator on the Senate floor where C SPAN can watch as each will have to say out loud they would deny this simple line.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Most important is President Obama is afraid of this small line being debated or brought to the floor.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Maybe the amendment to Senator Cottons letter should also ask which Muslim group we now are supporting the Shia or Sunni?  Which does President Obama Support?

Anyone want to take bets what Valerie Jarrett thinks of this as well?   Go go go Marco Rubio!