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Obama gives up the Jewish Vote!

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The middle east has had a unique year.  Turmoil, unrest and cries for liberties and freedom are new, and in some place are finding a voice.  Only time will tell if this was for the better.  Yet after years of a Pro Israel support from the United States this president has forced the only real democracy in the region in a defensive position.  Without warning the call for boarders of the pre 1967 position which were indefensible then, are now called for by President Obama.  Once again his desire for Hope and Change is going to cause lots of unintended change.  He nor his administration promised anything better, just change.  Where’s Rahm Emanuel when you need him?  Without a actual Jewish voice in the Presidents ear it seems he as once again lost his way.

Good luck Prime Minister Netanyahu, trying to explain support, loyalty, defense and the region to our brilliant president.


Goodbye Newt

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Already the Donald is missed.  Yes it was a sad day for all republicans and the rest of the country as well when the only non candidate who spoke about real issues including Obama’s birth certificate quit the race before it had begun.  Why, because now we have to go back to the reality of having candidates like Newt Gingrich, blasting fellow Republicans.  Soon Mitt will start snipping about the next front runner, as he did when he was running against McCainRon Paul may be crazy and not electable but as least he is bringing up real issues.  The media won’t really starting following any of the candidates till they make a mistake.

There is a possibility that no firm candidate will be the winner till the actual Convention, which may be a blessing.  Yet we need Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin to keep the candidates on message and offer fixes to OBAMA.  If non candidate Huckabee and Palin really want to start pushing their influence both should get on message about Newt bowing out now.  He has shown that conservatives will not support him, mid level republican won’t vote for him, and independents hate him.  As a self centered republican with no moral code he was a long shot anyway.  While Newt is sucking up the air on the television other serious candidates are blocked from being heard and he is still pulling in money from his Speaker-ship days.  Which Newt should realize by now “weren’t that great”.  Remember how he complained when President Clinton made his get of the back of Air Force One.  Or when he divorced each of his previous wives.  Who could forget when he slammed fellow republican Ryan over health care.  Flip Flops on health care, marriage, his own “Contract with America” to name a few more of the fun ones.   The list goes on and drives anyone with a memory crazy.

So, come on Mike and Sarah it time to start flexing a little mussel.  Lets start somewhere easy and call Mr. Gingrich on the carpet and ask him to stop his run for the presidency.