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Executive Orders to Start the Next Administration

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On day one of the next administration lets have the president first and as his primary job start with putting back some sound laws.   Obama reinstated the secret service protection for life for past presidents.  Bill Clinton has earned over 50 million this year.  Nixon covered his own security.  Bush’s both 41 and 43 are wealthy people.  The Vice President gets no protection after they leave.  On day one, lets start with having only the current administration get 24/7 protection.  If we want to provide one additional year so a family may adjust to what they need back in the real world, they can pay a fee, to keep it for a year.   But it’s time to make our former leaders, private citizens again and not kings for royalty, getting not only protection but limo service, armed guards, flight services, and costing the tax payers more than they did in office.

For the next elected president, promise to remove all security of taxpayer expense from former elected officials.


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wants More Victims

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Say NO to Chicago!  The Federal Government or more importantly the corrupt Obama administration wants to put 1000 illegal immigrants within the Chicago City Limits.  Add to the Crime Rate?  Or just surplus victims for the lack of control the Mayor now has on his City.  The Children or future democratic voters as they should be called being moved to a city that is as out of control as Chicago should send chills up every tax payers paycheck.  The American Citizens who currently live there are not safe.  The city is bankrupt.  The state is financially insolvent.  How is Mayor Emanuel going to fix it…. buying children from the feds for TAX DOLLARS.  How will he pay for Shelter, Education, Healthcare, Social Services, Food, Safety (which is can’t promise his own constituency).  I smell a big tax bailout for taking a few illegals or as they are now know, Children crossing the border.   It’s not camp, these are rapist, uneducated, gang infested members of a country I’m not sure how we promised to provided for.    There is a huge issue at the border.  Having the Mayor offering to take them is the height of hypocrisy.  He can’t provide for the people he promised to protect now.

We must stop the feds from buying the tax dollars of every hardworking American in the name of HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR.  These aren’t your Neighbors, these aren’t your friends, these are sponges on the America the FREE concept.  The Untied States is in real trouble if this deal isn’t stopped.


National Republican Party

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Who’s side is the National Republican Party actually on?  Predetermining which candidates they like or have befriended before the election is why Republicans don’t hold the majority and will probably lose again.  With all the Money and fundraising done, then wasted on advertising to a group that already knows how they are going to vote is crazy.

If the Conservative Movement in the Republican Party wishes to begin the repairs this country is going to need they must begin a long term plan to educate the future voters.  Instead they plea for money to get reelected.

It’s time to allocate 3 percent to the building of a New School for Conservative thinking.  A university where A is A.  Where a degree means something, and has value.  No newfangled diplomas.  No Tenure for professors.  Reality Check, of Education.  If Harvard is considered so Great, (which many no longer think so).  Lets create under the conservative banner a University for Conservatives that offers the next generation of leaders a background that is real.  A few Thousand graduates every year, especially teachers, philosophers, historians, and dare I say it Lawyers.  Flooding into the system to challenge these degrees in African Women’s Studies and liberalism.  If these graduates were to join the job market unencumbered by huge school debt, they would be able to become leaders in their communities at a faster rate and younger age.  Future Leadership

Riots in the streets?

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An Argentinian soccer fan asked me today why Americans don’t riot in the streets when President Obama does some of the outlandish things he does.  He told me in his country people take to the streets for the price of milk, the cost of the bus or losing the world cup.  My response at the time was we are a country of compromise’s, laws, and rules we all follow and unlike his country we know that in a few years we get a new leader.  Maybe I was wrong.  Maybe as our President who Lies and does as he pleases because Americans are unfamiliar with a Banana Republic.  We talked about the amount of Taxes Americans Pay, and the words “Fair Share” .  Most people have no idea what Fair Share is.  35 percent for corporations, 21 Percent for earning more than 250,000 in most states and most of the taxes in this country are paid by the top 5 percent.  According to President Obama thats not yet fair.  I like the rule of law line…. Most Americans know who one the world cup, Super Bowl, National League and Stanley Cup, (GO KINGS).  If students in school found out they were going to have to give over 1/2 of everything they worked for, maybe they to would riot in the streets.

Should Grandma and Grandpa Run the US Senate?

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While She Bans Guns, can she fill out her own Obaba Care Paper Work?

While She Bans Guns, can she fill out her own Obama Care Paper Work?

When was the last time you had to help your Grandparents? Were you concerned about their lack of understanding? Does the remote control on the TV confuse them when switching between Netflix, Roku or Cable? Can they make the switch? Have you been in the front seat as they move down the highway at 85 or worse 34 miles per hour?
The point being as much as we respect, love and admire our older citizens, lets face it many are having problems with aging.
Dianne Feinstein of California is 81 years old. She is responsible for the security of the United States. Does your Grandmother own a assault weapon? Dianne is trying to take your weapons away from you and she is from the crazy state of California.  Could She fill out the Obama Care Paper Work without her staff?  Could any of them?  They should have to.
Chuch Grassely, Orrin Hatch, Richard Shelby, Carl Levin all over 80 years old!
Jim Inhofe, Pat Roberts Barbara Mikulski, John McCain, Jay Rockefeller, Thad Cochran all over 75 years of age, some approaching 80 rapidly. Talk about free health care.
Tom Harkin, Harry Reid (Has Harry even driven a car in 20 years? Seems like he lost his mind a while ago, if not his memory.), Patrick Leahy, Lamar Alexander, Barbara Boxer, Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Bill Nelson, Jim Risch, Dan Coats, Ben Cardin, Saxby Chamblis, Mike Enzi, Angus King all into their 70’s.
The reality is, at this age you can’t fly an commercial Airliner, Teach School (in some states) Go into Space (if your a Senator you can change the rules).
Lets start asking ourselves about the mental condition of the people representing the United States. Ask any of our senior representatives to program an IPHONE, Download an APP, Set up their Remote, Pay their own taxes, work a basic computer out of the box. The reality is, they have huge staffs that are baby sitting. We are paying the price for GRANDMA and GRANDPA Senator to vote what their staff told them to do.
The only way to set term limits is to put them all on Social Security with the rest of us. See what they think of OBAMACARE! None of these people have to use it they gave themselves a pass. Why?

America’s National Character? Leadership.

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George Washington said in 1786 “Let us look to our National Character and to things beyond the present period”.  Can you imagine any of our current politicians using those words or sentiments?  It’s all about what they can get for themselves now.

It’s time to bring back our National Character as to whats best for out country.  Demand more from our politicians.  Teach every young person every day whats changed that isn’t working.  Show how President Obama isn’t following the Constitution and is using his office to get things for himself or his party, but now working for our National Character.  Changing of the political rules to force new laws, taxes and regulations. Is it really just about the money?  Lets hope not.  Where are the leaders who will stop the injustice?

Just more votes for his party, at any cost.  The printing and spending of money we don’t have is fundamentally wrong and an injustice to our future, present and every taxpaying citizen.

From our first President to our current President in Residence, we have fallen a long way.  America is an Idea that’s worth keeping.  Three Branches of Government not the demands of one man and a pen.  Washington fought the non listening power of one dictator, he would be disappointed with the current state of things and of how we have allowed our leadership to lose our Character to the benefits of a current crisis.   It’s time America returns to the Land of the Free.