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Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them

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Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them, yes not one refugee in a district who’s house member votes no!

Term limits? Lets see what happens when San Fransisco gets thousands of gay bashers living in the city by the bay.  Don’t like how the slut is dressed feel free to beat the living crap of out anyone one they disagree with.  Yes this will go over well with the female population of a free American City.

Obama is going to force millions of refugee’s on the American Public, he has been overheard using the Million Number.  He won’t say it publicly but lets just say he brings in one hundred thousand.  Where will they live?  Who is going to pay for them?  Why are American’s being asked to give free services to a new population when Veterans are begging for money, housing, food and help on the streets of America a country they already served?

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them, how will your congressional Representative vote?  Nancy Pelosi thinks we should bring them in, let her house them in her districts.  The killing of openly gay people will become common place when Sharia law takes over the city.

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them and how they vote will determine how the American Public will vote in the next election.  Obama has a plan, and we are going to have to live with the consequences of his secret plans for decades to come.   The American Public is not getting all the facts of the wave of people that have invaded Europe.  When you see young girls getting beaten for what they are wearing ( a personal choice) that is not in the image of what a member of the Muslim faith agrees with, they beat, kick and harm her.   The count of reported Rapes is up across the European Continent. So our solution is to bring more of the refugees here?  To America!

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them would challenge each member of Congress to determine what he or she believes to be be best for their own districts.  Make sure they stay here.  Is Wisconsin ready for a few thousand new supported members of their state?  If Paul Ryan believes they belong in this country let them live in his Neighborhood.  Attend school with his children.  Drive through his home town.  Lets see if he as Speaker of the house is happy about the opinion of the refugees about the choice of dress of his daughters.   How many refugee’s children will we put in the same School with President Obama’s Daughters? How many refugee’s will be place in Washington D.C. or Chicago?

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them and we will see how many will live on Nancy Pelosi’s Street.  Home Town, or Neighborhood.

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them would bring term limits faster than all the money spent trying to remove bad politicians in American History.  Be careful for what you wish, for it may all come true, Hope and Change.


Will the Next William Borah Please stand up

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Will the Next William Borah please stand up, known as the “Lion of Idaho” during his 33 years in the United States Senate. Elected as a Republican in 1907, Borah established himself as a prominent progressive with a fiercely independent spirit. This superb orator who had a knack for courting publicity was once named by Time magazine as the “most famed senator of the century.” Despite his leading role in the creation of two constitutional amendments–establishing the graduated income tax and the 17th amendment – Borah is best remembered for his impact on American foreign policy. In 1917, he was instrumental in the Senate’s rejection of American entry into the League of Nations.

The League of Nations was considered Woodrow Wilson’s singular achievement and the entire world watched as Wilson attempted to get the treaty through the US Senate.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth who was married to Nick Longworth the Speaker of the House started informal gatherings which became outright meetings of destruction of the Treaty.

The League of Nations treaty was considered a bad deal for America by the Senate giving the League a virtual vote over the soverity of the Untied States.  Wilson who was basically a socialist loved the idea of the world council voting on world affairs.  Today the United Nations fills this void, which was pushed into being by Eleanor Roosevelt who was in agreement with Wilson. Ironically Eleanor was a cousin of Alice Roosevelt Longworth who was the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt.

In January 1940, Borah suffered a brain hemorrhage and died. His funeral service was held in the U.S. Senate Chamber.  

It was Borah who stood in the Senate Chamber and lobbied his fellow Senators to veto the bad treaty.  Much like the Iran Deal that Secretary of State Kerry has put forward.  President Obama has threatened a Veto, but when does the Administration get to tell the Congress how things are going to be.

We need a Senator Borah to take the lead.  Are there any Senators who are Statesman left in the United States Senate?  We will soon find out.

Will the Next William Borah Please Stand up: if there is one!

President Donald Trump

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The twitter inquisition is a new phenomenon in the social media world and one that allows instant feed back from the public and candidates themselves.  While Candidates like Marco Rubio seem to be using twitter as a garage sale more than media presence twitter and for that matter all of social media have helped the Candidates.  Hilary Clinton seems to be hoping by changing her logo to the Rainbow flag will help voters forget that before she was promoting gay rights she was Against gay marriage.  So the last twitter feed wins. dt-101

Each Candidate has their own style of social media.  Carly Fiorina seems to enjoy using it as a promotional device to suggest how voters might find her.  Jeb! hopes that it makes him more likable but always feels like pleading or begging.  Jim Webb who I don’t think has announced, must be working on his presence but will become likeable as voters can discover him.   Ben Carson always seems surprised and genuinely happy that people are listening, and for a guy that has a lot to say he could say a lot more using social media about his message rather than on Voter Counts at events. Chris Christie obviously likes seeing himself and will use social media to promote more of Christie. As to the bottom of the rest of the pack they will figure it out.

Scott Walker’s campaign is like Herpes, once they find you, they never leave. Walker is dangerous to the Trump Campaign because he is so connected to the Republican Party Leadership.  All Candidates will face this issue but a Trump Campaign must scare them most of all.

Now that leads us to the King of self Promotion: Donald Trump.  Talk about the first time in the game with rookie mistakes.  He is best at getting his message out, but he also is taking the bait.  He is fighting in front of others utilizing social media while doing so. Fighting with Macy’s, NBC, Reporters, and Univision will not gain any voters.  But people are watching how he will defend himself and anyone who disagrees with him.  Andrew Jackson took on anyone who disagreed with him and shot a few along the way, and lets hope The Donald doesn’t do the same.   Lincoln had his followers simply print fake tickets to take over the Convention and Reagan had to scold a reporter to get his voice.


The Donald who wishes to become President Trump needs to tone down the hostility towards his enemies and people who are not fans.  (Not being a Fan does not make you an enemy and if elected President they would be the same people he has to govern).  So here are some suggestions for the Donald.

You announced you where a Rich man and defended the American dream.  George Washington was also rich and only took a single dollar per year.  Add that to your platform.  $1.00 per year salary!  Run like George Washington and except one dollar.

Polk ran to accomplish 4 things- you offered a Wall to secure the boarder, Make America Great again- Honor the military which I assume means taking care of those kids who served and restore our economy.  Keep it simple and offer to do it in 4 years.  If those things are not accomplished offer to only serve the ONE TERM. Don’t over promise. Be like Polk and Finish what you started in one term.

Learn to poke a little fun at yourself.  AKA Ronald Reagan could tell and take a joke.  Be A little Reagan-Esq.

Kill the enemy that is trying to kill us!

Honor the lessons of Reagan and keep the eleventh Commandment.    Don’t beat up your fellow Republicans.  Stand on your own ground- you have already proven this.

Don’t take the bait:  Lets some fights go nu-fought and ignore them.  Especially on Social Media.

Remind Americans every day how much you love this country and keep the message simple and clean.  Most don’t understand the economy like you do:  Doesn’t make them stupid, makes them the people you are running for President to help.

Don’t take any Money to Run.  No Lobbyist Money, no Political Money.  Use your own fortune to become President.  Then you can stay your own Man.

People don’t have to like you or hate you: they need to VOTE for you.  Every day tag a reminder why!  Donald Trump #securingfreedomforAmerica #TrumpforSoundMoney #TrumpUSAPRIDE

Reagan and Madison gave us hope: Show us the way President Trump. America needs leadership.

The National debates will be better simply because Donald Trump is there and unlike the field of Politicians will bring the questions back to what All Americans want to hear.  How will we Save the American Dream?  If the Donald can become President lets make him Promise to Fix the Inside of the White House and not build a Better Trump Tower over it.  Just kidding, He is a great candidate and will make a honest President.  How long has it been since we could find that.


Go go go Marco Rubio

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Go go go Marco Rubio, it’s time someone stood up for the power of the people by using the United States Senate to demand the lawlessness of the Obama Administration being called to a vote.

Go go go Marco Rubio, simply put Senator Rubio is demanding a vote on to which the Iran Nuclear deal require Iran to agree that Israel is a Sovereign State and has the right to exist.  Yet there are Senator that do not wish to put this simple line into a treaty or be required to Vote.  Why, it would show who is actually not supporting our friends who had democracy in the middle east.  Can you imagine being a Senator who has a Jewish contributor (and they all do) and not being willing to add such a little referendum.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Put each and every Senator on the Senate floor where C SPAN can watch as each will have to say out loud they would deny this simple line.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Most important is President Obama is afraid of this small line being debated or brought to the floor.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Maybe the amendment to Senator Cottons letter should also ask which Muslim group we now are supporting the Shia or Sunni?  Which does President Obama Support?

Anyone want to take bets what Valerie Jarrett thinks of this as well?   Go go go Marco Rubio!

Change we can believe in?

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Change we can believe in?  Where is the indignation?

Change we can believe in apparently now involves targeting the hero’s who put their lives on the line to keep this country safe, free and a country of laws. Where did my country go?

In November, Robert O’Neill appeared on Fox News Channel to discuss his role in the raid that killed bin Laden on May 1, 2011 in Abbotabad.  So now the United States Government is going to investigate if he committed a crime?  Disclosed national secrets? The photo of the protected leaders watching a video screen worried that things would go wrong, went viral.  The lives of the men of seal team six were on the minds of family, friends and according to accounts we “American Citizens” were allowed to hear or read, those brave soldiers thought they were on a suicide mission.  Were any of us worried about the political lives of the elected officials?  Safety seated at a conference table inside a secured bunker in the White House.  Protected by secret service, capital police, the entire military, FBI, Washington Police Department, and what ever other protective measures offered to the Washington Elite.  The thought struck me then, of not revenge but the idea that harming the United States will be punished.  911 would not stand as an action by a group.  War will result in war. Freedom is costly.  Seal team six as President Obama exposed in his victory lap about how “We Got Him” were the men who were willing to put their own lives on the line to protect our reputation from harm.  To insure other would be terrorist that this will not stand.

Change we can believe in? The hardest part of the new “change” has been that the continuity of the United States Government is a mess.  What do we believe in?  Dictators?  I’m now told that 50 years of not talking to a Communist who once aimed Nuclear Missiles at my country is no longer a good idea.  The Castro’s have  never been nice to my country or according to free Cubans good to their people as well.  But now I’m told that it’s better to befriend them.  Change we can believe in?

My government told me that Benghazi was caused by a really bad movie that caused a group to want to kill an Ambassador that begged for more security.  He was denied that privilege by someone, who’s name I will probably never really know.  But Somehow the Soldier who was willing to fly into enemy territory to seek revenge on a known bad guy is under investigation.  Change we can believe in?  I think not.

When a thief of whom I have seen the theft on video and don’t need political commentary.  Attacks a police officer in his car, and is shot during the officers defense of his own life, is the reason for burning down the town of Ferguson, but I’m told by my President it was because he was black makes me wonder if this is, Change we can believe in?

No longer is many school districts is a child of color allowed to be expelled.  The teacher may be bullied, the other students might not have the opportunity to learn that days subject because the race is now the primary issue, not the actions.

The IRS has spent millions of American Tax payer money protecting emails from it’s own employees and stalling congress yet the government has the ability to investigate one lone soldier?

Change we can believe in?  North Korea is now embolden to attack a US company and destroy free speech.  President Obama didn’t condemn North Korea as much as he attacked the leaders of Sony about their decision.  Some change!

Details of the raid were confirmed by U.S. officials shortly after it occurred. The raid itself was dramatized in the 2012 movie “Zero Dark Thirty.” With private briefings for the director by the Administration.  National Security?  Freedom?  Desk Jobs.

Change we can believe in?  Robert O’Neill, was willing to give his life to seek an end to the Osama Bin Laden Story.  He won.  Americans can not let this story become about punishing the victors.  Why would any soldier be willing to offer up his life or liberty to an America that is willing to break the back of a political system.  Courts, Lawyers, Private Protection, and his own personal safety. What is happening?  Where are the checks and balances?  Patriots?

Change we can believe in? President Obama should be honoring Seal Team Six and Robert O’Neill, not allowing him to become a metaphor of intimidation by a federal government.

Change we can believe in? Our collective freedoms matter, and must be protected.  It requires a collective America.  One that respects its freedom.  That means respecting our hero’s both living and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Executive Orders to Start the Next Administration

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On day one of the next administration lets have the president first and as his primary job start with putting back some sound laws.   Obama reinstated the secret service protection for life for past presidents.  Bill Clinton has earned over 50 million this year.  Nixon covered his own security.  Bush’s both 41 and 43 are wealthy people.  The Vice President gets no protection after they leave.  On day one, lets start with having only the current administration get 24/7 protection.  If we want to provide one additional year so a family may adjust to what they need back in the real world, they can pay a fee, to keep it for a year.   But it’s time to make our former leaders, private citizens again and not kings for royalty, getting not only protection but limo service, armed guards, flight services, and costing the tax payers more than they did in office.

For the next elected president, promise to remove all security of taxpayer expense from former elected officials.

Remove Chemical Weapons from SYRIA NOW

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English: President Bashar al-Assad of Syria . ...

English: President Bashar al-Assad of Syria . Original background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We the people of the United States of America want a leader that can use our might, Military and fortitude to assist the down trodden people of a small country run by a dictator. We don’t wish to put our loved ones in harms way to allow the overthrow of another dictator, when the void is filled with much worse American Hating leaders.

It’s time for some deadlines with Ideas. Here is one that must be enforced. All of the Chemical Weapons that belong to the Syrian government AKA Bashar al-Assad must be removed from the country of Syria. Place them all on a Barge. Yes we give them hours to start the process. Three Hours seems like plenty. As each barge is filled they drag it out to sea and let our military leaders decide on its’ disposal.

If for a moment the parade of chemical weapons stops getting loaded onto the barge we will begin destroying palaces, government buildings, Airports, ETC…

Let the Syrians decided on their own rule of law. We the Grand Ole USA, will once again stand up because the United Nations can not and will not help the poor innocent people of a dictator.

America it’s time to demand something for our money and weapons. The safety of our country, fellow citizens, and military is not on the line here. We can however use our good will to help a people that can not help themselves. REMOVE THE CHEMICAL WEAPONS from Syria Today. We demand it as an act of humanity. The United States of America can make a bold gesture, without endangering our own military more than necessary.

Obama can’t make up his mind! We all knew when Hillary Clinton asked who would answer the phone at three in the morning that it would just ring. Now the phone is ringing and our Golfing President is once again absent with substance and ideas. He is truly Carter Light. When Jimmy Carter allowed the over throw of the Shah of Iran, he acted like it was a grand idea. Now decades later we are still dealing with a rogue regime.

Let Congress debate this. Give Obama someone to blame no mater what the outcome.
Remove the Chemical Weapons from Syria now.

Obama gives up the Jewish Vote!

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President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minis...

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The middle east has had a unique year.  Turmoil, unrest and cries for liberties and freedom are new, and in some place are finding a voice.  Only time will tell if this was for the better.  Yet after years of a Pro Israel support from the United States this president has forced the only real democracy in the region in a defensive position.  Without warning the call for boarders of the pre 1967 position which were indefensible then, are now called for by President Obama.  Once again his desire for Hope and Change is going to cause lots of unintended change.  He nor his administration promised anything better, just change.  Where’s Rahm Emanuel when you need him?  Without a actual Jewish voice in the Presidents ear it seems he as once again lost his way.

Good luck Prime Minister Netanyahu, trying to explain support, loyalty, defense and the region to our brilliant president.

USA Taxes for Mosques

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View from Al-Azhar Park

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How can the Obama Administration justify the building and fixing of Mosques in Egypt and Syria when the separation of Church and State forbids it?  Yes your tax dollars are at work, providing new buildings, construction on Mosques and computer services?  WHY?  HOW?  Try getting the Obama Administration to build a playground at a local church.  Still happy with your vote?

Parade Magazine 10-10-2010

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Official portrait of United States Secretary o...

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How did a little throw away paper (Parade Magazine) get a front cover of the Al-Baaj family a nice looking Muslim import from Iraq in the same magazine as a lost article on the back called the Views (parade.come/views) with a feature on Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates?

The nice Muslim family has been living in Nebraska and loves it.  Great, the family is not working.  What other country in the world would bring people within its borders and allow them to become citizens, and support them.  They are volunteers, (to qualify for some government benefits)  What Benefits?  My tax dollars?  Saddam is gone thanks to the lives of some hard working soldiers.  Now is their chance to bring change to their own homeland.  Why is Parade Magazine working on promotion to bring me diversity?

Americans have no problem with hard working Iraqis.  In fact every time another Muslim has blown himself up anywhere in the world we all feel a great empathy.  Yet It is the Muslims that keep doing this.  If it is a religion of peace, perhaps it’s time to start showing a little more to fellow Muslims, then the rest of the world.  That said, Americans do not need to bring additional Iraqis to our borders, then support them with government assistance to feel good about ourselves.

How this little Parade Magazine could write such an article then place Bob Gates in the back shows how this new fair and balance wording is going to be shoved down our throats during the Obama Administration.  Secretary Gates, quotes history and carefully walks the tight rope trying to not step on Obama Administration toes while killing terrorist in a war zone of Muslim people.

Funny that we haven’t had to invade Canada in over 225 years.  Perhaps we will, to bring them some of our new religious views that are so easily being planted among the press.  Everyone lets just all get along, please disregard the kid sitting next to you on the plane trying to light his underwear or shoe on fire.

Tolerance and peace, always on your tax dollars.