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Dish vs Fox news

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Dish vs Fox News

Dish network has a representative on what used to be the most popular cable news channel on their line up whining about how Fox was unfair in their negotiations.  However, Dish is still advertising that they carry all the fox channels in their marketing and advertising?  How does Dish get to have it both ways?  Either they are providers and may sell the network or they are not.  Now you can complain directly to Dish about how mixed up they are.


Dish vs Fox News, If you call dish, sit on the phone for close to an hour you can get a $25.00 discount.  (Get you money now) they don’t deserve to charge us all full price with Fox missing from the line up.  Dish should remove all FOX channel Advertising in their marketing campaign since they don’t offer it.

Hurry back Bret, Meghan and even Bill. We miss you.



Change we can believe in?

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Change we can believe in?  Where is the indignation?

Change we can believe in apparently now involves targeting the hero’s who put their lives on the line to keep this country safe, free and a country of laws. Where did my country go?

In November, Robert O’Neill appeared on Fox News Channel to discuss his role in the raid that killed bin Laden on May 1, 2011 in Abbotabad.  So now the United States Government is going to investigate if he committed a crime?  Disclosed national secrets? The photo of the protected leaders watching a video screen worried that things would go wrong, went viral.  The lives of the men of seal team six were on the minds of family, friends and according to accounts we “American Citizens” were allowed to hear or read, those brave soldiers thought they were on a suicide mission.  Were any of us worried about the political lives of the elected officials?  Safety seated at a conference table inside a secured bunker in the White House.  Protected by secret service, capital police, the entire military, FBI, Washington Police Department, and what ever other protective measures offered to the Washington Elite.  The thought struck me then, of not revenge but the idea that harming the United States will be punished.  911 would not stand as an action by a group.  War will result in war. Freedom is costly.  Seal team six as President Obama exposed in his victory lap about how “We Got Him” were the men who were willing to put their own lives on the line to protect our reputation from harm.  To insure other would be terrorist that this will not stand.

Change we can believe in? The hardest part of the new “change” has been that the continuity of the United States Government is a mess.  What do we believe in?  Dictators?  I’m now told that 50 years of not talking to a Communist who once aimed Nuclear Missiles at my country is no longer a good idea.  The Castro’s have  never been nice to my country or according to free Cubans good to their people as well.  But now I’m told that it’s better to befriend them.  Change we can believe in?

My government told me that Benghazi was caused by a really bad movie that caused a group to want to kill an Ambassador that begged for more security.  He was denied that privilege by someone, who’s name I will probably never really know.  But Somehow the Soldier who was willing to fly into enemy territory to seek revenge on a known bad guy is under investigation.  Change we can believe in?  I think not.

When a thief of whom I have seen the theft on video and don’t need political commentary.  Attacks a police officer in his car, and is shot during the officers defense of his own life, is the reason for burning down the town of Ferguson, but I’m told by my President it was because he was black makes me wonder if this is, Change we can believe in?

No longer is many school districts is a child of color allowed to be expelled.  The teacher may be bullied, the other students might not have the opportunity to learn that days subject because the race is now the primary issue, not the actions.

The IRS has spent millions of American Tax payer money protecting emails from it’s own employees and stalling congress yet the government has the ability to investigate one lone soldier?

Change we can believe in?  North Korea is now embolden to attack a US company and destroy free speech.  President Obama didn’t condemn North Korea as much as he attacked the leaders of Sony about their decision.  Some change!

Details of the raid were confirmed by U.S. officials shortly after it occurred. The raid itself was dramatized in the 2012 movie “Zero Dark Thirty.” With private briefings for the director by the Administration.  National Security?  Freedom?  Desk Jobs.

Change we can believe in?  Robert O’Neill, was willing to give his life to seek an end to the Osama Bin Laden Story.  He won.  Americans can not let this story become about punishing the victors.  Why would any soldier be willing to offer up his life or liberty to an America that is willing to break the back of a political system.  Courts, Lawyers, Private Protection, and his own personal safety. What is happening?  Where are the checks and balances?  Patriots?

Change we can believe in? President Obama should be honoring Seal Team Six and Robert O’Neill, not allowing him to become a metaphor of intimidation by a federal government.

Change we can believe in? Our collective freedoms matter, and must be protected.  It requires a collective America.  One that respects its freedom.  That means respecting our hero’s both living and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

“The Interview” Premier at the White House?

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dbcb30d0-9db2-3ac9-b1c9-ce16dd0cc039The White House should host “The Interview” premier in the White House Screening Room upon the return of the President and First Lady from their fabulously expensive Hawaiian vacation.  Announce it early say Christmas the day the film was suppose to open, that in January the White House Screening Room will have the Actors, Seth Rogen and James Franco.  Go ahead and invite the Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.   Poor ole Joe became a brief part of the story, thanks to a verbal gaffe by President Barack Obama. In talking about the studio’s decision, Obama mentioned the movie’s stars, Seth Rogen and “James Flacco”, go ahead invite him too.   How about Amy Pascal, Scott Rudin of Sony Pictures.   Al Sharpton and Nancy Pelosi.  Along with the rest of the people responsible for Cyber Attacks on our country.  Pull in a few of the New Democratic Senators oh wait… there aren’t any.  Oh well they probably know lots of people who would enjoy sitting through this free speech expression and Sony Film “The Interview”.

President Obama says that the United States will respond to North Korea over its cyber attack on Sony Pictures. He declined to say what that response will be, saying only that it will be “proportional.” “Maybe having to watch it will send a message”.  Obama said that a number of options are being worked up by his staff and that he will choose what to do based on what he feels is “appropriate to the nature of this crime.”  Invite the Staff to the premier as well!

Many who have been criticizing Sony’s decision, the Sony executives will hire top notch disaster teams to show them feeding the poor and giving toys out in an orphanage, and soon no one will remember or care.  Obama expressed concern over how scrapping The Interview might set a bad precedent for free speech. “If somebody is going to be able to intimidate folks out of releasing a satirical movie, imagine what will happen when they see a documentary they don’t like,” Obama said.    “And imagine what will happen when producers start engaging in self-censorship so that they don’t offend the sensibilities of someone whose sensibilities probably need to be offended.”  Much like Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the film maker the Obama Administration jailed for the Benghazi attacks.  Yeah everyone should be afraid.

But hacking is serious.  We should be working at eliminating the people responsible.  At best protecting our computers from any problems.  But most of all this country is about free speech.  The right to funny or not so funny, for the sake of satire. Many soldiers gave their life for that privilege to say what we think.  Obama has promissed once again to do something.  Well, start with just watching the movie.  Loud, up front and without fear.

Not that the White House should need a reminder but please, please, please do not invite Kim Jong-Un.  He isn’t welcome here.  Nor are the communist leaders of Cuba.  Just invite Americans or people who are at least friendly to us.  You people at the White House know that right?

P.S. Mr. President:  Since we are not all about free speech and protecting the first amendment, lets pardon a man who didn’t deserve imprisonment for another bad film,  “The Innocence of Muslims.” A YouTube trailer of the film, which cast the Prophet Mohammed in an unflattering light, was highlighted by Egyptian media and did not spark protests in parts of the Muslim world, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, you put him on the map.  Time to fix that mistake as we help Democratic donors.


Elian Gonzelaz to deliver Cuban Cigars

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Elian Gonzelaz to deliver Cuban Cigars now that Obama has given the Okay for Cuban Cigars to be brought into the US.  We spent millions to deport one scared little boy years ago back into the hands of a cruel dictatorship.  In one  sweeping Presidential Edict the President has made Cuba our newest friend.

So smoke up everyone, it’s time to let the Cuban Masters beat more cigars out of the citizenry of Cuba.  Castro has won! Kennedy should be turning over in his grave about now.   Obama has yelled surrender one more time and this time it comes with Prizes.  Yes, Congress will huff and puff but no one will do anything.   Maybe President Obama can light his first delivered Cigar on the Eternal Flame that sits over our dead President.  Why not, he hasn’t cared what any of the other Presidents have stood for.

So, Elian…. Bring us some Fine Cuban Cigars