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Media Bias

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Just in case there is a single person left in America who doesn’t think President Barack Obama has received a pass from the Media.  Google Both Barack Obama and George W. Bush and look at the picture (Image Section) of both men.

Over 95 % of google pictures show a very nice image of President Obama.  Over 95% of the photos of President George bush are characters of his image or cartoons.  Shame on you Google and the rest of the media for not bringing this to light.  Bias media outlets will destroy us when everything is slanted .

Protest to Google Today!


Speaker Pelosi’s Transparency Calls?

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If Nancy Pelosi is concerned as to how the Mosque in New York is getting funded perhaps she should ask which member of the Democratic Party have given money.  She was unaware when Congressman Rangle didn’t follow the rules!

Nancy once again astounds anyone listening to her, when she is worried who is funding the opposition to the Mosque getting built.  Wow, the arrogance of the Speaker.  Why doesn’t she apply the same funding question to her members of congress?

As a matter of fact why doesn’t she offer to investigate the Speakers office as to it’s use of the Jumbo Jet used by her and paid for by tax payers. There are plenty of commercial Flights from the East Coast to the West Coast.

It’s time for the Speaker to offer some Transparency.

Do you support Harry Reid?

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If you live in Nevada, can you list a reason why you support Harry Reid?  Even one?  What has he done for Nevada?  As Nevadans what do you think he has done for the country?  Will you vote for him?  Why?

America is begging for a reason.

Sharon Angle real meaning

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Insane Clown Posse 2

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What she said:

“You have just touched on what’s wrong intrinsically with Social Security, and that is it doesn’t belong to us. We pay 15 percent of our paycheck every two weeks into a system that doesn’t belong to us. … If you had a personalized retirement plan, you would be allowed to invest that 15 percent over the years, and that would then be yours to pass down as an inheritance. It wouldn’t be something you had to apply to the government to say, ‘Yeah, you can’ or ‘Yeah, you can’t.’ ”

Some how this statement has been turned Anti Gay.  Wow, if Sharon Angle was allowed to vote for individuals keep their Social Security Gays, Lesbians and all other groups could give their money to whomever they wanted.

It’s going to get ugly and the misprint and what she meant to say is only beginning.  Look out Sharon, Harry’s out to get you.

Is Harry Reid a racist?

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Harry Reid and Latino Leaders

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Reid said, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK. Do I need to say more?”

Which of President Obamas Cabinet will be next to go?

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The Obama Cabinet.

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Hillary?  Would she dare quit and run against President Obama…. Lets hope if she does, she give him a run for his money.

Joe, the VP talking gaffe machine.  Probably not, besides who would take him?

Timothy Geithner?  He should consider it, before he gets total blame for the economy.

Tom Vilsack?  Naw, most people don’t know what he does now,  He’s safe.

Kathleen Sebeluis?  Once health reform really hits should could be on shaky ground.  Lets put her at 2 to 1.

Gary Locke:  Another one, that people couldn’t answer for the million dollar question.   SAFE!

Robert Gates:  Yes, he could finally have enough and ask to return to a real life.  He’s should be on everyone’s top 3.

Steven Chu:  Why bother!

Janet Napolitano?  Wow, seems like she has already left.  If she were gone they wouldn’t notice for months if she didn’t show up for work.   She’s on the list as a YES.

Ray Lahood, probably not… all that stimulus money to spend and so little time.  Probably going to be asked to turn out the lights at the end of the Obama Administration.

Arne Duncan?  Really scary that he’s made it this far.  Might go all the way, we can only hope that won’t happen.

Hilda Solis:  She will finish, the money is way to good.

Ken Salazar? They need him more than he needs them.  If Obama has a Czar that needs a real job, watch out Ken, you could be shown the door.

Shaun Donovan?  Has he shown up for work yet?

Eric Holder?  Wow, hard to believe he got the job let alone hasn’t locked himself up yet.  He will be going sometime, but probably under some FBI sting or ___Gate of some kind.

Who’s got your vote?

Islamic Community Center Neighborhood Solutions

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45-47 Park Place is simply not architecturally important enough to be worthy of historic landmark protection and can be demolished.  So what?  Well the real issue here is insensitivity and the people who feel a Mosque is important in that neighborhood.

Here is your solution.  On the one side of the newly built Mosque a good Jewish Deli.  You know the kind, with great sandwiches, fantastic breads, and all the conversation you can handle.  Maybe a few Rabbi’s discussing the days worldly issues.  This would be more than five times a day!  But hey it is a free country.  The people who feel the need to build the Mosque have told you so.  So bring on the Corned beef, and I don’t mean that is a religious sort of way.  Just like the Sandwich.

Now for the other side of this proposed Islamic Community Center, complete with Mosque I would like to suggest another of my favorites that I can’t get at my favorite Jewish Deli’s.  A sausage factory.  Yes you know the type, lots of great pork hanging from the ceiling, drying and curing.  Sausage and perhaps some good smoked bacon, Wow does anything smell better than curing pig being smoked.  Please forgive us Rabbi but the rest of us like to eat, and there would be that huge Islamice Communtiy Center to space out this new buisness that New Yorkers so richly deserve.

So lets all get along.  If the Islamic community Centers want to build where they like, Please someone plan to fill the area with some great other business‘s.  Oh Yeah, Welcome to America.  We may lose a few fights but we always win the war.