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Will the Next GOP Chairman please stand up!

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Will the Next GOP Chairman Please stand up!  Rience Priebus has already been accused of aiding Scott Walker in a underhanded fashion when they were in Wisconsin.  Now all we hear about from the Press is how wonderful Scott Walker is.  It’s great to have a front runner, but usually they have earned that right.  This is a link to an article that ran on on February 2014 in the Ithmus.  Its worth the read just because the Walker/Preibus relationship is going to sink the GOP into a pit of scandal before the race for Presidential Race gets started.  If Mr. Priebus thinks that Governor Walker is the best of all Candidates before the voters have that right, then he should resign his post within the GOP and work for the Walker Campaign in the open.

ITHMUS: John Doe emails show Republican chair Reince Priebus tipped off Scott Walker about 2010 primary opponent’s strategy


Paul Ryan has been appointed by Chairman Priebus to be the custodian of the Presidential Money for the GOP.  All three friends from Wisconsin.  The Walker/Priebus relationship doesn’t pass the smell test months before the votes are cast.  Mr. Walker did a respectable job at the CPAC Conference, but lets face it…. the front runner from the conference is Rand Paul.  Something is fishy.


Perry vs Romney Debate

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"The Honorable Rick Perry (front right), ...

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The September Fox/Google Debate might be the deciding factor in the next President Election for the Republican Nomination.  If Governor Perry can explain why the Fed’s Operation Twist will be another Failure for the Obama Administration, he will probably pick up more of Ron Paul‘s Supporters.

Operation Twist and the treasonous Federal Reserve open the opportunity for Gov. Perry to force Mitt Romney to justify more government intervention.  Mitt says Saving Social Security and his Romney Care are good for America.  The Fed is using old failed attempts to revive the economy and save the Obama Administration.  Mitt will go down with the Obama ship of state if he doesn’t denounce government intervention.

Governor Perry has been called on the hot seat for words he may regret during the 2012 election.  Tonight is his chance to define his presidency!

Obama’s do as I say not as I do…

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President Obama voted against Bush’s debt-limit increase in 2006 as a senator, accusing Bush of “a leadership failure.” Obama recently apologized for “making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country.”  Now as President, Mr. Obama is hoping that the Senators will give him more money.  Perhaps it’s time to cut up those credit cards and stop President Obama from spending freely with money he doesn’t have.

Socialism is always fails when you run out of other peoples money.  We are now out of money, credit and time.  Talk about the Obama Leadership Failure.

Change the Speaker in 2010

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“I have my eye on the prize in terms of, we have a goal, we’re going to do this for the middle class, this is what’s at stake. … All my focus is the 1 in 5 children we’re going to lift out of poverty into the middle class.”  Nancy Pelosi

Doesn’t seem to bother her that it means punishing the 80% of working people for her to achieve her goal of lifting others.  As President Obama keeps telling us we are our brothers or sisters keepers.  Yet they hold the pocket book and will decide who gets the money they have forced from the 80% of us they are not lifting.  Robin Hood was a mythical character about saving the poor by stealing from the rich.  Nancy Pelosi is real and she, Harry Reid and President Barack Obama are the modern day Robin Hoods who are stealing not only from the 80 % of the tax paying working people but they have robbed 100% from the future generations.

Know your vote!  If you think you wish to support this type of theft from the tax payers send in 75 % of your paycheck.  See how it feels.  Remember it will help someone who was less fortunate.  If you want to help, vote against the Democratic Machine and unseat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  The cost of her Jet alone will help a poor person.  It’s your local Congressman who put this Robin Hood in charge.  Change Speakers 2010!

Do you trust your congress person?

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Do you Trust YOURS?  You may name him or her, but do you TRUST the one that represents YOU?  If so, WHY?  If Not (watch the language) and WHY NOT?  Your district would help.