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Change the Speaker in 2010

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Nancy Pelosi

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“I have my eye on the prize in terms of, we have a goal, we’re going to do this for the middle class, this is what’s at stake. … All my focus is the 1 in 5 children we’re going to lift out of poverty into the middle class.”  Nancy Pelosi

Doesn’t seem to bother her that it means punishing the 80% of working people for her to achieve her goal of lifting others.  As President Obama keeps telling us we are our brothers or sisters keepers.  Yet they hold the pocket book and will decide who gets the money they have forced from the 80% of us they are not lifting.  Robin Hood was a mythical character about saving the poor by stealing from the rich.  Nancy Pelosi is real and she, Harry Reid and President Barack Obama are the modern day Robin Hoods who are stealing not only from the 80 % of the tax paying working people but they have robbed 100% from the future generations.

Know your vote!  If you think you wish to support this type of theft from the tax payers send in 75 % of your paycheck.  See how it feels.  Remember it will help someone who was less fortunate.  If you want to help, vote against the Democratic Machine and unseat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  The cost of her Jet alone will help a poor person.  It’s your local Congressman who put this Robin Hood in charge.  Change Speakers 2010!


How you Pay to Force yourself to believe in Healthcare

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Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...

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Wow don’t you just love it when the federal government takes your money, forces you into something you didn’t want, don’t need and they insist you are going to get.  Then turns around and spends your money to convince you that you needed it in the first place.  No wonder the Obama Administration is in such trouble. This link is the new Add Campaign:


How the Healthcare Law Helps You

Some of the Key Benefits of the Affordable Care Act are:

  • You can no longer be denied coverage because you have a pre-existing condition, or because you get sick.
  • A crackdown on fraud and administrative waste will save money and lead to lower premiums for patients.
  • Small businesses will receive tax credits and other tools to help provide affordable healthcare to their employees.
  • If you like the coverage you have now, you can keep it. No government agency or bureaucrat can force you to change something that works.Do they really think this will help change your mind?  If the government says that a bureaucrat will not force you to do something, (as listed above) and yet they are the very government bureaucrats that forced you into it in the beginning is the an Oxymoron, or just government at work?    Come on, they have already proven that it’s not affordable.  Yet their advertising team didn’t get the message.
    If the feds really plan to crack down on waste why don’t they start with the federal government?   Somehow those same bureaucrats who knew how to make my medical care more affordable can’t control their own spending, hold on not their spending but MY MONEY.

    Isn’t (pre-existing) just a term for I didn’t want to buy insurance till I knew I was sick, now I want someone else to pay for it?  If you had insurance as your choice before, you wouldn’t need to force a company you didn’t (need) before to now pay your expenses.  According to this theory, why would anyone buy insurance?  Just wait till something is wrong then pay…

    This is an outrage that they would need to spend our money to sell us on a program that few of us wanted in the first place.

    Why is it ok for the Obama administration to violate the 1st amendment with lies and propaganda but if Humana, IHC, Bluecross or any other insurance company tries to disagree they are threatened by the administration?

    VOTE THEM ALL OUT, THIS NOVEMBER.  A single vote against any democrat is a vote against Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who won’t be around when we get to pay up to clean up their mess.  Anyone else for prison terms for former members of congress?

Obama vs Las Vegas

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“When times are tough, you tighten your belts,” Obama said, according to a White House transcript of his high school appearance in North Nashua, New Hampshire.

“You don’t go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage,” Obama said. “You don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you’re trying to save for college. You prioritize. You make tough choices.”

Unlike the President who spends cash without the possibility of any return Las Vegas, Nevada always delivers for the rest of us.  Everyone over 21 years of Age should be so lucky as to visit Las Vegas.  The shows are spectacular, the Hotel are Opulent, the Food is Fabulous, the people are Friendly, the Lights are Bright, The air is Clean, and while your there you know exactly what is happening to your money.

Unlike the Obama Administration, which is in your pocket without your permission, isn’t bright, seems dirty and corrupt and they don’t care how old you are.  Yes, it would seem that if you have a choice, take Las Vegas every time over President Obama.

The real tough choice here is how long it will take Harry Reid to come out against his president?  Our priorities should be less Barack and Harry.

Speaking of Las Vegas, one of the few towns to finish anything since Obama took office, who has stayed and the amazing new city center?  Job well done Mr. Kerkorian  Hope you don’t have to pay to may taxes to a President and his administration who wants your customers to stay home.  I’m sure Mr. Wynn, or Adelson are feeling uneasy about him at the moment as well.

Should Congress join the American People in their Healthcare Plan?

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Boycott Nebraska

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IT’S TIME TO BOYCOTT NEBRASKA!  With the latest vote on National Health Care, It seems that I will already be paying for the cost of their Medicaid recipients. Enough is enough!

No need for me to contribute to the Nebraska economy to any greater degree!

Speaking of “enough is enough”, it’s time to vote every single one of the crooks out of office, especially Senator Ben Nelson who ACCEPTED THE BRIBE, and Senator Harry Reid who OFFERED THE BRIBE, WITH OUR MONEY !

ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE ! Forward this to everyone you know! maybe it is the only way the crooks will learn !

If this were the real world they would be in JAIL!  Perhaps it’s time for some revolution.

Dear Senator Reid

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Dear Senator Reid

Why aren’t you yourself using this newly created health care system that you are so sure I want and need?  Come on sir, shouldn’t you and your fellow Senators add yourselves to this new bill?  Wait, none of us really has seen what you’ve added yet.  A bill in secret that your not a part of.   Wow how do you think you’ll get reelected?

Force all elected officials to live under the same laws the force the American People into!