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Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them

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Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them, yes not one refugee in a district who’s house member votes no!

Term limits? Lets see what happens when San Fransisco gets thousands of gay bashers living in the city by the bay.  Don’t like how the slut is dressed feel free to beat the living crap of out anyone one they disagree with.  Yes this will go over well with the female population of a free American City.

Obama is going to force millions of refugee’s on the American Public, he has been overheard using the Million Number.  He won’t say it publicly but lets just say he brings in one hundred thousand.  Where will they live?  Who is going to pay for them?  Why are American’s being asked to give free services to a new population when Veterans are begging for money, housing, food and help on the streets of America a country they already served?

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them, how will your congressional Representative vote?  Nancy Pelosi thinks we should bring them in, let her house them in her districts.  The killing of openly gay people will become common place when Sharia law takes over the city.

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them and how they vote will determine how the American Public will vote in the next election.  Obama has a plan, and we are going to have to live with the consequences of his secret plans for decades to come.   The American Public is not getting all the facts of the wave of people that have invaded Europe.  When you see young girls getting beaten for what they are wearing ( a personal choice) that is not in the image of what a member of the Muslim faith agrees with, they beat, kick and harm her.   The count of reported Rapes is up across the European Continent. So our solution is to bring more of the refugees here?  To America!

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them would challenge each member of Congress to determine what he or she believes to be be best for their own districts.  Make sure they stay here.  Is Wisconsin ready for a few thousand new supported members of their state?  If Paul Ryan believes they belong in this country let them live in his Neighborhood.  Attend school with his children.  Drive through his home town.  Lets see if he as Speaker of the house is happy about the opinion of the refugees about the choice of dress of his daughters.   How many refugee’s children will we put in the same School with President Obama’s Daughters? How many refugee’s will be place in Washington D.C. or Chicago?

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them and we will see how many will live on Nancy Pelosi’s Street.  Home Town, or Neighborhood.

Syrian Refugees lodged in Congressional Districts that vote for them would bring term limits faster than all the money spent trying to remove bad politicians in American History.  Be careful for what you wish, for it may all come true, Hope and Change.



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The Affordable Care Act that we all live with is a simple law to fix.  Simply call each person running for congress in your district.  Ask if they will enroll themselves and family onto this system today? If they say yes, then ask them to prove it.  Every member of congress and every government employee should be on this system today.  Not us, while they the government elected official enjoy a different system.

Call Each Person Running for Congress in your district Today.  Ask if they are enrolled in OBAMA CARE and will their families, Staff and all Government Employees.  It must be yes for a vote.  Otherwise, “Some Pigs are more equal than others”.  With apologies to George Orwell

Change the Speaker in 2010

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Nancy Pelosi

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“I have my eye on the prize in terms of, we have a goal, we’re going to do this for the middle class, this is what’s at stake. … All my focus is the 1 in 5 children we’re going to lift out of poverty into the middle class.”  Nancy Pelosi

Doesn’t seem to bother her that it means punishing the 80% of working people for her to achieve her goal of lifting others.  As President Obama keeps telling us we are our brothers or sisters keepers.  Yet they hold the pocket book and will decide who gets the money they have forced from the 80% of us they are not lifting.  Robin Hood was a mythical character about saving the poor by stealing from the rich.  Nancy Pelosi is real and she, Harry Reid and President Barack Obama are the modern day Robin Hoods who are stealing not only from the 80 % of the tax paying working people but they have robbed 100% from the future generations.

Know your vote!  If you think you wish to support this type of theft from the tax payers send in 75 % of your paycheck.  See how it feels.  Remember it will help someone who was less fortunate.  If you want to help, vote against the Democratic Machine and unseat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  The cost of her Jet alone will help a poor person.  It’s your local Congressman who put this Robin Hood in charge.  Change Speakers 2010!

Harry Reids World Wide Depression

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“But for me, we would be in a world wide depression”.  Harry Reid!

Wow the arrogance of this Senator from Nevada.  It is his policies that put the United States of America in jeopardy and ironically, his continued spending that will lead us there.

Harry Reid must be replaced with anyone!  Sharon Angle will be a fine choice but the State of Nevada could have placed anyone on the ballot and it would have been a better choice than Harry.  Harry has overspent our money in the name of Saving the world. All on the backs of the American Tax Payer.

The depression that he claims to have spent our way out of was caused the spending habits of career politicians such as Harry, Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Administration. Ironically the Depression he claims to have cured will probably still arrive because of his policies.

Come on Nevada, throw the Bum Out.  This arrogant Senator must be removed from office, we await your decision.

Nancy’s Big Bang

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“It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance. The biggest bang for the buck,” Nancy Pelosi says.

For every dollar a person receives in food stamps, Pelosi said that $1.79 is put back into the economy. The U.S. Department of Agriculture cites an even higher figure of $1.84.  Isn’t that fantastic, because under the Obama/Pelosi/Reid government, more food stamps and unemployment were distributed that ever before.  That should save the economy.

Wow, how ignorant can she be? (Don’t answer that it was rhetorical, she can be pretty ignorant).  The money multiplier is simply because the money spent went toward taxpayers, you remember the working people. The very people the same money came from.  Which without choice was taken away from the taxpayers by the government of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama in the name of helping someone.  We should get to help these people with a hard days work.

Should we offer food stamps and unemployment? Yes as a country it is a great service to people who for no fault of their own need assistance.

Would every person who is currently accepting this government bail out rather have their own earned money? Yes!  They would rather be the waiter at a nice restaurant earning their portion of the pie. Or working in the private sector paying a reasonable tax, for their work. Why can’t they?  Because Speaker Pelosi took the money away from the original earner.

If Speaker Pelosi understands that spending of the single dollar helps the economy by another .84  cents each time a dollar is spent why not cut the taxes of the working people so that those dollars can go to workers and people can get off the food stamps and unemployment?  All that additional revenue would flow into the national treasury.  Like during the Reagan administration.

Whats wrong with her, that she thinks she knows best on how to spend our money?  What job has she ever created in the real world?  None, she is a career politician who should retire.

A single vote for a non Democrat is another vote to remove this socialist from the speakership.  We all can’t remove her from California Politics but Every American can help, by removing her majority from congress.  Vote no on democrats.

How you Pay to Force yourself to believe in Healthcare

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Wow don’t you just love it when the federal government takes your money, forces you into something you didn’t want, don’t need and they insist you are going to get.  Then turns around and spends your money to convince you that you needed it in the first place.  No wonder the Obama Administration is in such trouble. This link is the new Add Campaign:


How the Healthcare Law Helps You

Some of the Key Benefits of the Affordable Care Act are:

  • You can no longer be denied coverage because you have a pre-existing condition, or because you get sick.
  • A crackdown on fraud and administrative waste will save money and lead to lower premiums for patients.
  • Small businesses will receive tax credits and other tools to help provide affordable healthcare to their employees.
  • If you like the coverage you have now, you can keep it. No government agency or bureaucrat can force you to change something that works.Do they really think this will help change your mind?  If the government says that a bureaucrat will not force you to do something, (as listed above) and yet they are the very government bureaucrats that forced you into it in the beginning is the an Oxymoron, or just government at work?    Come on, they have already proven that it’s not affordable.  Yet their advertising team didn’t get the message.
    If the feds really plan to crack down on waste why don’t they start with the federal government?   Somehow those same bureaucrats who knew how to make my medical care more affordable can’t control their own spending, hold on not their spending but MY MONEY.

    Isn’t (pre-existing) just a term for I didn’t want to buy insurance till I knew I was sick, now I want someone else to pay for it?  If you had insurance as your choice before, you wouldn’t need to force a company you didn’t (need) before to now pay your expenses.  According to this theory, why would anyone buy insurance?  Just wait till something is wrong then pay…

    This is an outrage that they would need to spend our money to sell us on a program that few of us wanted in the first place.

    Why is it ok for the Obama administration to violate the 1st amendment with lies and propaganda but if Humana, IHC, Bluecross or any other insurance company tries to disagree they are threatened by the administration?

    VOTE THEM ALL OUT, THIS NOVEMBER.  A single vote against any democrat is a vote against Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who won’t be around when we get to pay up to clean up their mess.  Anyone else for prison terms for former members of congress?

Worst Congressperson?

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