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Twitter and the race for the Presidency

In Presidential Campaign on July 28, 2015 at 10:03 pm

Twitter and the race for the Presidency is an insight to how each candidate see’s themselves and more than just a glimmer as to how they think.

Scott Walker: Seems to like food the most.  He has eaten at Geno’s steaks & Pats King of Steaks, Ribs in Olivette,  Ice Cream was planned with the Romney’s, McDonalds with a pin, Blizzard Double Cheese burgers & a Beer at the Billy Goat in  Chicago.  He’s got a Coffee cup for sale which they promote endlessly which he suggests drinking coffee from at various stops.  He will need a new belt soon. He’s got a Book which he is hyping!  He’s excited to be in every state he visit, which is rather boring without a photo or info.  He wants everyone to follow his wife #TonetteWalker which the more it’s pushed the less likely anyone is to sign up.   In case you missed it, not only is he trying to run for the Presidency of the United States, but he is hawking a book which you can buy directly through his web Site.  So far his Twitter Score is a solid C-

Hillary Clinton claims to be a wife, mom (small caps were her idea), Grandma, Women + Kids Advocate, FLOTUS (a job she was really horrible at), Senator and Secretary of State (another Job she didn’t do very well), Hair Icon, (another Bad Job) Pantsuit Aficiono, and 2016 Presidential Candidate.  (Lets hope she stays only a Candidate). Her Site however makes it look like she cares.  The Tweeting Committee gets it, lots of positive tweets, showing her looking like she cares.  (Hard to do)  Overall all Twitter Score B+.

TRUMP aka the Donald.  Very fast Learner!  Hard for him to keep any subject under 140 characters, so lots of Twitter Bombs where multiple tweets end up in a string.  However, he has a lot to say.  Plenty of followers and people showing their support.  Maybe the BEST of all. He doesn’t have to stage the photo opp, he is a Photo Opp.  People who hate him re-tweet him so he’s more popular.  Those who already love him, are happy to spread his message.  What would the other Republican Candidates give for so much press?  (Hello Mike Huckaby, Rick Santorum or who ever else is running).   He seems to be getting better with his overstatements, but best off all he is expressing what many Americans wish to talk about.  He seems to have his finger on the pulse.  We are all angry, with both sides.  (Elect a Billionaire going in, Not one coming out) a great line.  #makeAmericaGreatAgain reminds us all what we have lost.  Lots of re-tweeting Reagan Quotes, smart really smart. So the #realDonaldTrump is a A++

Twitter and the race for the Presidency show the (Not Ready for Prime time Players like no Other)  Hello Marco Rubio:  Seems like the same old Mitt Romeny Republican staffers who don’t get it, all got jobs prompting Marco.   (Buy a Marco Polo) is cute but not Presidential Material.  Help Marco Lead the Fight, to stop Iran.  What will happen when his own party turns against him and Senater Majorty Leader McConnell tells him how to vote.  He’s just not ready and his twitter postings show that every day.  Maybe years from now, when his message is more than (my Father was a bartender who came from Cuba, so I could be your President).  Twitter Score C+.

Jeb Bush or as it’s says on the sign  JEB!  Lots of reasons why he’d like to be President.  Honestly his twitter, facebook, and entire social media campaign worked to well.  Learning alot about JEB! turns out to be a problem.  No Bush hater here, ready to hear ole  JEB! the message.  But so far everywhere you turn JEB! is turning on his brother and Fathers legacy.  I don’t want a president with Heart, I want one with Balls to defend this Country.  So twitter score of an A, but because of the message, a no vote from this house.

Ben Carson: Love his feed,  Calm, predictable, smart and seems very real.  Probably won’t get him elected President but maks followers like him even more.  Twitter Score A.

Carly Fiorina: Twitter suits her, she is smart, quick and probably a very nice person.  She seems to be the candidate most available for an interview. (unlike Clinton).  Don’t see a path to the Presidency, but I do see a future Cabinet Post for which ever candidate she helps get elected.  Twitter Score B+

John Kasich @JohnKasich.  So far he uses Twitter just like he speaks, softly and deliberately.  Unfortunately that isn’t the way to catch on.  Great Message inside the message.  He understands politics, People and voters.  Needs a new Social Media Crew, (maybe Clinton’s when she gets arrested for destroying E-mails) who can make him look Presidential rather than the friend next door.  Twitter Score B- Candidate Score A+

Rand Paul: Yes we all hate the Tax Code.  But campy Videos about how to destroy it are hard to make as you now know.  Ouch.  Good Senator, probably would make an excellent President and uses his Wife well in the feeds.   Unlike candidates from Wisconsin.  Hope he starts putting some info and broader messages into the feeds.  Twitter Score B- Candidate Score A

Rick Perry:  Here is an extremely successful Governor.  It’s almost as if he never read a Twitter Feeds, mostly his own. Boring, Dull and written to not offend.  Donald Trump has already proven that offending people is almost a Twitter bonus.  Perry should hire some kids to work on his feed.  Twitter Score C

Senator Ted Cruz @SenTedCruz : The Twitter Feed alone should tell anyone looking that this guy is a Senator first.  Bright, smart, conservative and would probably be the closest president to a Calvin Coolidge we will ever get.  Looks like ole Ted is running for Vice President on the Trump Ticket.  That’s okay because someone is going to have to explain to Donald Trump that he would be living in Government Housing.  Twitter Feeds are kind of over the heads of Voters, he gets mired in the points and not onto the #makeAmericaGreatAgain which is more about him as a person and Candidate than Twitter user.  Just remember Senator people are as tired of Senator, and Government Officials running their lives as they are of Harvard grads telling us what to do!  Twitter Score B

Twitter or for that matter all of social media works best when you can be honest.  This is why the Donald is doing so well here.  Not a Single Vote has been Cast, yet every pundit is scared.  Why?  Because the America Public doesn’t need Pundits with Twitter and Social Media.  We can decide for ourselves.

Twitter and the Race for the Presidency makes 2016 a new dawn, no matter who wins.