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The Affordable Care Act that we all live with is a simple law to fix.  Simply call each person running for congress in your district.  Ask if they will enroll themselves and family onto this system today? If they say yes, then ask them to prove it.  Every member of congress and every government employee should be on this system today.  Not us, while they the government elected official enjoy a different system.

Call Each Person Running for Congress in your district Today.  Ask if they are enrolled in OBAMA CARE and will their families, Staff and all Government Employees.  It must be yes for a vote.  Otherwise, “Some Pigs are more equal than others”.  With apologies to George Orwell


How you Pay to Force yourself to believe in Healthcare

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Wow don’t you just love it when the federal government takes your money, forces you into something you didn’t want, don’t need and they insist you are going to get.  Then turns around and spends your money to convince you that you needed it in the first place.  No wonder the Obama Administration is in such trouble. This link is the new Add Campaign:


How the Healthcare Law Helps You

Some of the Key Benefits of the Affordable Care Act are:

  • You can no longer be denied coverage because you have a pre-existing condition, or because you get sick.
  • A crackdown on fraud and administrative waste will save money and lead to lower premiums for patients.
  • Small businesses will receive tax credits and other tools to help provide affordable healthcare to their employees.
  • If you like the coverage you have now, you can keep it. No government agency or bureaucrat can force you to change something that works.Do they really think this will help change your mind?  If the government says that a bureaucrat will not force you to do something, (as listed above) and yet they are the very government bureaucrats that forced you into it in the beginning is the an Oxymoron, or just government at work?    Come on, they have already proven that it’s not affordable.  Yet their advertising team didn’t get the message.
    If the feds really plan to crack down on waste why don’t they start with the federal government?   Somehow those same bureaucrats who knew how to make my medical care more affordable can’t control their own spending, hold on not their spending but MY MONEY.

    Isn’t (pre-existing) just a term for I didn’t want to buy insurance till I knew I was sick, now I want someone else to pay for it?  If you had insurance as your choice before, you wouldn’t need to force a company you didn’t (need) before to now pay your expenses.  According to this theory, why would anyone buy insurance?  Just wait till something is wrong then pay…

    This is an outrage that they would need to spend our money to sell us on a program that few of us wanted in the first place.

    Why is it ok for the Obama administration to violate the 1st amendment with lies and propaganda but if Humana, IHC, Bluecross or any other insurance company tries to disagree they are threatened by the administration?

    VOTE THEM ALL OUT, THIS NOVEMBER.  A single vote against any democrat is a vote against Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who won’t be around when we get to pay up to clean up their mess.  Anyone else for prison terms for former members of congress?

Should Congress join the American People in their Healthcare Plan?

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Boycott Nebraska

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IT’S TIME TO BOYCOTT NEBRASKA!  With the latest vote on National Health Care, It seems that I will already be paying for the cost of their Medicaid recipients. Enough is enough!

No need for me to contribute to the Nebraska economy to any greater degree!

Speaking of “enough is enough”, it’s time to vote every single one of the crooks out of office, especially Senator Ben Nelson who ACCEPTED THE BRIBE, and Senator Harry Reid who OFFERED THE BRIBE, WITH OUR MONEY !

ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE ! Forward this to everyone you know! maybe it is the only way the crooks will learn !

If this were the real world they would be in JAIL!  Perhaps it’s time for some revolution.

Doctor Costs

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The first year at Harvard according to their web site is $66,600 then put that at 8 years. $532,800.00 if it were paid out of pocket. That includes living expenses and the education. Also nice to see real value when you adjust for weeding out people who probably didn’t deserve to get into Med School.
Medicare is offering on average of $41.00 to the doctor for each visit. (this is the average of a visit based on the sites that provided actual monies, most gave percentages which were a crazy government formula).
If the doctor sees two patients an hour and works an eight hour day a doctor could earn a whopping $656.00 from Medicare. The next health plan will be worse. Because all doctors will be forced to accept what is paid. They won’t be able to play nurse, receptionist, or a couple of ex wives. What is the world coming to. Lets put congress at this same formula. Or at least force congress to use this new health care program that they are so sure we need.

Just another government lie.

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Ask your Congress person, you will give us the Congressional Health Coverage and join this program that you’ve created for America?  You know the answer, but ask anyway.

Would you buy a car with 10 years worth of payments?  Would you want that car if you could only use it for the last 6 years?  What service would be worth paying into for a life time, but you only get partial use?  That is the government run health plan.  Start paying.  This is really about control of every citizen and  illegal alien in the United States.  Nothing is for free.  The time is now to write those letters, make a call.  Tell Congress that you would prefer they opened medical schools.  Not control which doctor you may see.

For the record, they couldn’t get the H1N1 shots out in time.  Yet congress got theirs.   They couldn’t tell truthfully how many jobs they saved with the stimulus bill.  Now they claim they know best for how much health care will cost.  Most of congress didn’t see the housing mess coming.   None of Congress is joining this program, yet they will insist you do.  Congressional health coverage will stay just for them, not for us.  Just another lie.

Humana and the 1st Amendment

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This is the Letter that Congress and the Obama Administration believe they need to stop from being read.  Why?  What next, banning books?

With the media reporting daily on Congress’ and President Obama’s efforts to enact meaningful health reforms this year, many Humana Medicare Advantage (MA) members are contacting us with questions. Members just like you want to know what these reforms might mean for their Medicare health plan and how they can get involved to help protect Medicare Advantage.

We are working diligently to ensure that our nation’s leaders understand how proposed reforms might affect you. At the same;time, we have created the Partner program to keep you informed about proposed Medicare changes and help you get involved so your voice is heard in Washington. Your opinions matter to us, to others on Medicare, and to your elected officials. There are two things you can do now to help show Congress the importance of Medicare Advantage:

• Opt into the Partner program. Becoming a Partner is easy. Just complete the accompanying, postage-paid form and follow the instructions to fold and mail it back. As a Humana Partner, you will join more than 50,000
Humana Medicare Advantage members who are receiving information about this issue and learning how to get involved to protect your Medicare health plan coverage.

• Let your Members of Congress know why Medicare Advantage is important to you. Congress is considering significant cuts to Medicare Advantage now, and your Members of Congress will want to know why this program is valuable to you because these cuts could mean higher costs and benefit reductions to many on Medicare Advantage.

We’ve made it easy for you to have your voice heard.

Just call (877) 698-9228 (toll-free) or visit http://www.humanapartners.com for additional information about this issue and how you can offer helpful input to your elected officials.

Leading health reform proposals being considered in Washington, D.C., this summer include billions in Medicare Advantage funding cuts, as well as spending reductions to original Medicare and Medicaid. While these programs need to be made more efficient, if the proposed funding cut levels become law, millions of seniors and disabled individuals could lose many of the important benefits and services that make Medicare Advantage health plans so valuable.

On behalf of Humana’s 28,000 employees, I would like to thank you/or being a Humana membel~ We look forward to partnering with you to ensure the Medicare Advantage program remains strong, so you can have peace of mind about your health coverage-now and in the future!

Philip Painter, M.D. Chief Medical Officer
Humana Medicare

Why would the administration feel the need to stop this letter?

“It is wholly unacceptable for insurance companies to mislead seniors regarding any subject — particularly on a subject as important to them, and to the nation, as health care reform,” Baucus said Monday, disclosing the HHS investigation. What part of that letter was unacceptable?  The contact your congress part?

“As we continue our research into this issue, we are instructing you to immediately discontinue all such mailings to beneficiaries and to remove any related materials directed to Medicare enrollees from your Web sites,” said a notice from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Teresa DeCaro, an agency official, sent the notice to all companies that sell private Medicare coverage and stand-alone drug plans to seniors.

Are they afraid of an open dialog? Do insurance companies not have 1st Amendment rights? Does the administration feel they have the right to stop free speech? Does congress feel they have the ability to stop free speech?

Before my Insurance company is put out of business and I am forced to pay for insurance for others who choose not to pay for their own policies I wish to see this answered. Since there is no torte reform maybe this should be answered in court.

Most of the web sites that you try to find this letter are blocked, down, or under cyber attack. Why?

What do you think?