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Harry Reid the new Santa Claus

In Government Reforms, Health care on December 23, 2009 at 12:12 am

How much will Harry Reid loot the United States Treasury of for you this year?  It depends how corrupt your Senator is!  It’s not to late to call him and ask what you can expect as a kick back for yourself or your state.  Harry thinks this is how business is done.  So give him a call and join the national game of “It’s all just there for the asking”  or “Lets make a deal”  Harry may be the best player since Monty Hall.  If Martha Stewart can do a few months for insider trading, and Nixon had to give up the presidency for some pesky burglaries.  Harry should face the electric chair for pure bribery.

The best part about Harry’s methods is he has used your money to do it.  Wow, what a leader.

Give him a call: 202-224-3542  From Nevada :1-866-SENREID
Be sure to get all your zero’s in order before asking for money.  Harry likes to know how much is needed up front.