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Extensive Strategy- AFGHANISTAN

In Health care, Obama on December 1, 2009 at 12:55 pm

Extensive strategy.  This is the new talking points for why it took so long to reach a consensus on Afghanistan.  If it takes 4 months to make a decision about something we are already involved in with experts then how to we decide on Health care in weeks.  Hours for the Bank take over. Weeks for the Auto bail out.  Cash for clunkers, was this even thought about?  Hours for Tarp funding.  Minutes to produce extra money in the treasury?  The analogy doesn’t fit.

That said It’s hard to belive that only Vice President Biden was the dissenting voice during the meeting.  I would hope there were others with policies that were offered up.

Looking forward to hearing the President make his decision.  There are enough leaks coming out of the white house to keep all the pundits busy all day.

Since so much has been made about the so called “Exit Strategy” lets hope it involves Victory.