How much US money for Greece?

In Dollar Crisis on July 9, 2015 at 6:24 pm

Why is Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew pressuring Europe about a deal for Greece? How much United States Taxpayer money has he promised to another European Socialist Country?  Last time the US bailed out the IMF we had to borrow the funds.

A Grexit will be hard for Greece, painful for the Greek People and the European taxpayers.  But why should be be expensive for the American Taxpayers?  We already have a elite class of non working people to pay for.

Jack Lew is in the Process of removing Alexander Hamilton from the Ten Dollar Bill and putting an unknown at this time women on the front.  Perhaps we could send these new notes.

Let the Euro take care of themselves and the American dollar be ruined by our own politicians we don’t need to join the fight for another Socialist country to get another bail out.


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