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The twitter inquisition is a new phenomenon in the social media world and one that allows instant feed back from the public and candidates themselves.  While Candidates like Marco Rubio seem to be using twitter as a garage sale more than media presence twitter and for that matter all of social media have helped the Candidates.  Hilary Clinton seems to be hoping by changing her logo to the Rainbow flag will help voters forget that before she was promoting gay rights she was Against gay marriage.  So the last twitter feed wins. dt-101

Each Candidate has their own style of social media.  Carly Fiorina seems to enjoy using it as a promotional device to suggest how voters might find her.  Jeb! hopes that it makes him more likable but always feels like pleading or begging.  Jim Webb who I don’t think has announced, must be working on his presence but will become likeable as voters can discover him.   Ben Carson always seems surprised and genuinely happy that people are listening, and for a guy that has a lot to say he could say a lot more using social media about his message rather than on Voter Counts at events. Chris Christie obviously likes seeing himself and will use social media to promote more of Christie. As to the bottom of the rest of the pack they will figure it out.

Scott Walker’s campaign is like Herpes, once they find you, they never leave. Walker is dangerous to the Trump Campaign because he is so connected to the Republican Party Leadership.  All Candidates will face this issue but a Trump Campaign must scare them most of all.

Now that leads us to the King of self Promotion: Donald Trump.  Talk about the first time in the game with rookie mistakes.  He is best at getting his message out, but he also is taking the bait.  He is fighting in front of others utilizing social media while doing so. Fighting with Macy’s, NBC, Reporters, and Univision will not gain any voters.  But people are watching how he will defend himself and anyone who disagrees with him.  Andrew Jackson took on anyone who disagreed with him and shot a few along the way, and lets hope The Donald doesn’t do the same.   Lincoln had his followers simply print fake tickets to take over the Convention and Reagan had to scold a reporter to get his voice.


The Donald who wishes to become President Trump needs to tone down the hostility towards his enemies and people who are not fans.  (Not being a Fan does not make you an enemy and if elected President they would be the same people he has to govern).  So here are some suggestions for the Donald.

You announced you where a Rich man and defended the American dream.  George Washington was also rich and only took a single dollar per year.  Add that to your platform.  $1.00 per year salary!  Run like George Washington and except one dollar.

Polk ran to accomplish 4 things- you offered a Wall to secure the boarder, Make America Great again- Honor the military which I assume means taking care of those kids who served and restore our economy.  Keep it simple and offer to do it in 4 years.  If those things are not accomplished offer to only serve the ONE TERM. Don’t over promise. Be like Polk and Finish what you started in one term.

Learn to poke a little fun at yourself.  AKA Ronald Reagan could tell and take a joke.  Be A little Reagan-Esq.

Kill the enemy that is trying to kill us!

Honor the lessons of Reagan and keep the eleventh Commandment.    Don’t beat up your fellow Republicans.  Stand on your own ground- you have already proven this.

Don’t take the bait:  Lets some fights go nu-fought and ignore them.  Especially on Social Media.

Remind Americans every day how much you love this country and keep the message simple and clean.  Most don’t understand the economy like you do:  Doesn’t make them stupid, makes them the people you are running for President to help.

Don’t take any Money to Run.  No Lobbyist Money, no Political Money.  Use your own fortune to become President.  Then you can stay your own Man.

People don’t have to like you or hate you: they need to VOTE for you.  Every day tag a reminder why!  Donald Trump #securingfreedomforAmerica #TrumpforSoundMoney #TrumpUSAPRIDE

Reagan and Madison gave us hope: Show us the way President Trump. America needs leadership.

The National debates will be better simply because Donald Trump is there and unlike the field of Politicians will bring the questions back to what All Americans want to hear.  How will we Save the American Dream?  If the Donald can become President lets make him Promise to Fix the Inside of the White House and not build a Better Trump Tower over it.  Just kidding, He is a great candidate and will make a honest President.  How long has it been since we could find that.



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