Patriot Act lies

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2015 at 4:02 pm

Why does the Senate and key members of the intelligence community continue the Patriot Act lie, that we have no power to listen in on Telephone calls or Internet communications?  Is Rand Paul really the only person who is defending the constitution in a loud and vocal way?   Has he really placed himself at odds with the entire republican party?

A signed search warrant from a judge gives the NSA, FBI and CIA all the clearance that they need to listen in on all suspected criminals.  Is it so wrong to not follow an entire country and keep our privacy and liberties?  Should we as a country really listen to the private phone calls of the Chancellor of Germany? Even though the talking heads keep telling us repeatedly as if that makes it true that we can’t listen.

It’s time to listen to Mr. Snowden and decide which side of the rule of law we stand on.  If he is right and we have been violating our own laws, then Rand Paul is the American Patriot of the Day.

  1. Privacy should be a sacred right to retain. The establishment has been so aggressive against Rand Paul’s position. Good post.

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