Bailouts next winners shall be…

In Dollar Crisis on May 23, 2015 at 7:01 pm

Bailouts next winners shall be…Greece, while it has squandered the last 267 billion dollars it will have it’s hand back in the till of the hardworking Germans and the rest of the Euro Zone leaders to keep things status quo.

Curbing spending at just under 175 % of GDP they are feeling pretty good about asking for more money.

Bailouts next winners shall be… Japan is watching and with a debt ratio of a slimming 227 % and people still willing to work, it can hold out a while longer.  Then we have Italy with a money saving 132% debt to GDP and watching as the Greeks teach everyone how to play.  Yes it is a world stage and war is out, the new game is bankrupt your buddy.  The trick is to spend all your money before your friends can and take theirs while never changing. Portugal has learned a few along the way as well with a tightening of the belt of a 129 %.    All the while knowing that Europe will help and save the day.

Bailouts next winners shall be…The United States of America, with a lie according to governmental officials of a 101 dept from our GDP.  We are of course forced to keep this number posted with a straight face.  Because we have been printing from the Federal Reserved to keep up the Bonds of the United States Treasury.  No problem we done this before, but remember we also printed a few Billion off the books to keep our European Friends so we don’t count that number in our GDP or the Obama Debt.

Print at the Treasury, Print at the Fed, Print at the Mint, Borrow from all of it, Keep the Credit low so we can make payments and all the while import voters to the cause of the moment.

Bailouts next winners shall be…the over paid central bankers who are keeping this PONZI Scheme alive and well.  When it implodes they will charge the American Tax Payer, keep their jobs and retirement accounts while the hard working people of the USA fund it all.

Bailouts next winners shall be…another inept leader if we can keep it all together till the election.


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