When a Politician gets it wrong

In Climate Change, Dollar Crisis, Government Reforms, President obamas Cabinet, Presidential Campaign on May 9, 2015 at 5:20 pm

When a Politician gets it wrong unless it happens during an election year, there are no consequences for that individual.  The taxpayers get the tab.

During the 70’s the USGS announced that the San Andres Fault was pushing up.  Millions of dollars were spent following the rise of the fault line and people were encouraged to prepare for the “Big One” as all of California waited for the next giant earthquake to split California in two.  Earthquakes are serious buisness, and being prepared is a good thing but the hysteria that followed was almost comical looking back.  One day someone looked at the equipment, and noticed that for years they had been making a simple calculation mistake.  We were not inching up after all.  In fact the fault had not moved in over a 150 years.  Another problem all together but the hysteria was over.  Climate change reminds me of this story.  As we are hyped into believing that if we don’t spend more on a particular politicians solution the oceans will rise and we will all die from green house gas.  How it’s my SUV that are responsible and not Washington’s use of Boeing Jets that needs to be curtailed I will never understand.

When a Politician gets it wrong we have to pay the price for their lack of understanding of Science and general thought.  Each Politician get to remedy the situation based on how it effects there district.

When a Politician gets it wrong once they retire from Washington they collect their money, as if they earned a cushy retirement.  We the taxpayers get to pay the ultimate price.

When a Politician gets it wrong we all suffer.  Let us count the ways.  Social Security is insolvent, yet they don’t have to have it work, because they are not relying on it to survive in their retirement.  We could fix that as voters and taxpayers if we just had the will.  Global Warming alarmist have been wrong for years and now we call it “Climate Change” because it didn’t get warm.  Or maybe we should just call it by it old name, “Weather” .    Yet the U.N. wants full control of the world under this new fear.  Unfortunately President Obama loves this idea, so instead of stopping the insanity we are going to spend taxpayer funds on this fallacy.  If the world does heat up, it will cool it self off as it has for millions of years.

When a Politician gets it wrong they are allowed to borrow money, from us the taxpayers to buy into the stock market and sell bonds for fund their lack of foresight.  If you buy a stock and it goes down you lose money.  When a Politician does it in your name, they leave you and I or us holding the bag.  Detroit should be enough to scare everyone, Stockton CA  or Orange County, California.  Yet they are doing it again.

When a Politician gets it wrong, they force the general public into Obama care and exempt themselves.  How many would take back there vote today?

When a Politician gets it wrong we pay and they move on.

When a Politician gets it wrong they just lie to us and themselves.



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