Go go go Marco Rubio

In Iran, Obama, Presidential Campaign, Terrorists on May 2, 2015 at 1:28 am

Go go go Marco Rubio, it’s time someone stood up for the power of the people by using the United States Senate to demand the lawlessness of the Obama Administration being called to a vote.

Go go go Marco Rubio, simply put Senator Rubio is demanding a vote on to which the Iran Nuclear deal require Iran to agree that Israel is a Sovereign State and has the right to exist.  Yet there are Senator that do not wish to put this simple line into a treaty or be required to Vote.  Why, it would show who is actually not supporting our friends who had democracy in the middle east.  Can you imagine being a Senator who has a Jewish contributor (and they all do) and not being willing to add such a little referendum.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Put each and every Senator on the Senate floor where C SPAN can watch as each will have to say out loud they would deny this simple line.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Most important is President Obama is afraid of this small line being debated or brought to the floor.

Go go go Marco Rubio, Maybe the amendment to Senator Cottons letter should also ask which Muslim group we now are supporting the Shia or Sunni?  Which does President Obama Support?

Anyone want to take bets what Valerie Jarrett thinks of this as well?   Go go go Marco Rubio!


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