Will the Next GOP Chairman please stand up!

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2015 at 1:05 am

Will the Next GOP Chairman Please stand up!  Rience Priebus has already been accused of aiding Scott Walker in a underhanded fashion when they were in Wisconsin.  Now all we hear about from the Press is how wonderful Scott Walker is.  It’s great to have a front runner, but usually they have earned that right.  This is a link to an article that ran on on February 2014 in the Ithmus.  Its worth the read just because the Walker/Preibus relationship is going to sink the GOP into a pit of scandal before the race for Presidential Race gets started.  If Mr. Priebus thinks that Governor Walker is the best of all Candidates before the voters have that right, then he should resign his post within the GOP and work for the Walker Campaign in the open.

ITHMUS: John Doe emails show Republican chair Reince Priebus tipped off Scott Walker about 2010 primary opponent’s strategy


Paul Ryan has been appointed by Chairman Priebus to be the custodian of the Presidential Money for the GOP.  All three friends from Wisconsin.  The Walker/Priebus relationship doesn’t pass the smell test months before the votes are cast.  Mr. Walker did a respectable job at the CPAC Conference, but lets face it…. the front runner from the conference is Rand Paul.  Something is fishy.


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