Elian Gonzelaz to deliver Cuban Cigars

In Constitution, Executive order, Obama on December 18, 2014 at 1:08 am

Elian Gonzelaz to deliver Cuban Cigars now that Obama has given the Okay for Cuban Cigars to be brought into the US.  We spent millions to deport one scared little boy years ago back into the hands of a cruel dictatorship.  In one  sweeping Presidential Edict the President has made Cuba our newest friend.

So smoke up everyone, it’s time to let the Cuban Masters beat more cigars out of the citizenry of Cuba.  Castro has won! Kennedy should be turning over in his grave about now.   Obama has yelled surrender one more time and this time it comes with Prizes.  Yes, Congress will huff and puff but no one will do anything.   Maybe President Obama can light his first delivered Cigar on the Eternal Flame that sits over our dead President.  Why not, he hasn’t cared what any of the other Presidents have stood for.

So, Elian…. Bring us some Fine Cuban Cigars



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