Who’s side is President Obama on?

In Obama on September 21, 2014 at 10:50 pm

When President Petro Proshenko thanked the United States for the Blankets and Night Vision goggles he acknowledged that Ukraine cannot defeat Russia with either.  Why would President Obama have ordered or demanded the destruction of Ukrainian small arms, anti air craft missiles and 15,000 tons of ammo?   How many countries in the world can one man destroy in a few short years?  If he is no naive, then he shouldn’t be President.  If he is doing this on purpose, the disarming of all allies where are the statesman? Where are our Senators?  Where is the Media?  Who is asking the questions?

Russia may keep winning a few more rounds, but who is going to stop Iran? Isle? The Taliban? Russia? Every misguided war lord that arises?   How I miss Ronald Reagan.


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