Dirty Politics and Ethics

In Uncategorized on August 31, 2014 at 6:25 pm

Ken Sorenson of the Michell Bachman Presidential campaign of 2012 has admitted to taking money.  Not the first political dirty deed. $ 73,000.00 and a conviction of a felony for accepting money from the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign.   Moving from Campaign to Campaign is politics.  Bribing your opponents team is dirty politics.  Sorenson sounds like a  Sleezeball.  He’s going to jail.  He’s got a felony.  Now enter Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager who allegedly paid Sorenson the money to dump Bachman to support Paul.  Jesse Benton said he didn’t want to become a “distraction” from the McConnell Campaign.

A Distraction?  Why didn’t McConnell FIRE HIM?  Where in the Republican list of dirty tricks have the Republicans lost their moral fiber?  Where is the outrage that these guys are having to bribe one another to gain their support. McConnell did not or probably had no knowledge of these deeds till they were brought to light by the justice department.  But lets see some leadership from the Republican leader.  Clean up your own Campaign Staff!  Have dirty tricks inside the Republican Campaigns become so common place that we can’t even acknowledge when they happen?

This story has been buried for whatever reason.  Probably hoping to make it a main stream event the week before the election.  This makes every republican I know, question the leadership or Reince Priebus the Chairman of the National Republican party.  It’s bad enough he couldn’t deliver his own home state during the 2012 election with the Vice Presidential Candidate from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan.  But the lack of out front indignation on the bribery scandal and the money being funneled to Senator McConnell to take out the tea party candidate Matt Bevan in Kentucky who ran against him, makes every donating republican take notice.

Most Republicans I’ve talked to who follow politics have not yet heard this story of bribery, scandal and resignation.   The problem here is once again that the National Republican Party is expecting Republicans to Vote Against someone by supporting their candidate.

We are seeking Candidates of Virtue, Values, Morals and ethics.  If the National Republican Party chooses to funnel money into old tired established candidates who are playing “politics”, and can’t even get upset with they find DIRTY POLITICS the Republican Party may find it self where the WHIG Party was in American History.  A footnote.

With the coming Presidential Election starting up soon, lets not start trashing the new clean candidates.  Old Washington DC must start to promote whats best for America and less about what benefits them.   Lets put dirty politicians and their staff behind bars from any party. Lets have an open dialog.

To have an open dialog of whats going on this story has to be put in the open, not burried on the back pages of America’s News Papers.


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