President Carter and the American Taxpayer

In Uncategorized on August 6, 2014 at 3:40 pm

President Carter is the prime example why the American people should not have to pay, provide secret service protection to old presidents and have term limits.   This man was a HORRIBLE President.  He was voted out.  Yet he still is under the miss conception that he has a understanding of history, democracy and middle eastern life.  Life according to Jimmy we should not have fought world war two because Hitler was an elected leader of a foreign country.  Yet as missiles fall on Israel he feels we and Israel should be making peace with the leader of Hamas. 

Time to go back to Peanut Farming.  Obviously he has suffered some form of old persons confusion as to who is attempting to kill whom.  Just like his presidency he is confused.  The best way to stop old American Leaders from adding confusing to a horrible situation is to let them pay for their thoughts on their own. 

If Jimmy Carter had to pay for his nonsense out of his own pocket the American Taxpayer would be better off.  As is we must continue to pay for this reckless thinking, confused, crazy, and miss-informed former President.  How many hours are spent dealing with his miss understanding of IRAN?  How many people have died because of his policies?  How many more will die because of his thinking today?  History will judge he and Neville Chamberlain the same way.  But the American Taxpayer should have to pay for it forever.  Nor should their soldiers.  Jimmy’s confusion will cost more lives of innocents, and American Soldiers.  Enough of this guy, Go Grow Peanuts.DhimmiJimmyCarter


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