Executive Orders to Start the Next Administration

In Dollar Crisis, Executive order, Government Reforms, Obama, Terrorists, Wizard on July 30, 2014 at 11:20 pm

On day one of the next administration lets have the president first and as his primary job start with putting back some sound laws.   Obama reinstated the secret service protection for life for past presidents.  Bill Clinton has earned over 50 million this year.  Nixon covered his own security.  Bush’s both 41 and 43 are wealthy people.  The Vice President gets no protection after they leave.  On day one, lets start with having only the current administration get 24/7 protection.  If we want to provide one additional year so a family may adjust to what they need back in the real world, they can pay a fee, to keep it for a year.   But it’s time to make our former leaders, private citizens again and not kings for royalty, getting not only protection but limo service, armed guards, flight services, and costing the tax payers more than they did in office.

For the next elected president, promise to remove all security of taxpayer expense from former elected officials.


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