Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wants More Victims

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2014 at 11:27 pm

Say NO to Chicago!  The Federal Government or more importantly the corrupt Obama administration wants to put 1000 illegal immigrants within the Chicago City Limits.  Add to the Crime Rate?  Or just surplus victims for the lack of control the Mayor now has on his City.  The Children or future democratic voters as they should be called being moved to a city that is as out of control as Chicago should send chills up every tax payers paycheck.  The American Citizens who currently live there are not safe.  The city is bankrupt.  The state is financially insolvent.  How is Mayor Emanuel going to fix it…. buying children from the feds for TAX DOLLARS.  How will he pay for Shelter, Education, Healthcare, Social Services, Food, Safety (which is can’t promise his own constituency).  I smell a big tax bailout for taking a few illegals or as they are now know, Children crossing the border.   It’s not camp, these are rapist, uneducated, gang infested members of a country I’m not sure how we promised to provided for.    There is a huge issue at the border.  Having the Mayor offering to take them is the height of hypocrisy.  He can’t provide for the people he promised to protect now.

We must stop the feds from buying the tax dollars of every hardworking American in the name of HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR.  These aren’t your Neighbors, these aren’t your friends, these are sponges on the America the FREE concept.  The Untied States is in real trouble if this deal isn’t stopped.



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