Riots in the streets?

In Obama on July 17, 2014 at 2:57 am

An Argentinian soccer fan asked me today why Americans don’t riot in the streets when President Obama does some of the outlandish things he does.  He told me in his country people take to the streets for the price of milk, the cost of the bus or losing the world cup.  My response at the time was we are a country of compromise’s, laws, and rules we all follow and unlike his country we know that in a few years we get a new leader.  Maybe I was wrong.  Maybe as our President who Lies and does as he pleases because Americans are unfamiliar with a Banana Republic.  We talked about the amount of Taxes Americans Pay, and the words “Fair Share” .  Most people have no idea what Fair Share is.  35 percent for corporations, 21 Percent for earning more than 250,000 in most states and most of the taxes in this country are paid by the top 5 percent.  According to President Obama thats not yet fair.  I like the rule of law line…. Most Americans know who one the world cup, Super Bowl, National League and Stanley Cup, (GO KINGS).  If students in school found out they were going to have to give over 1/2 of everything they worked for, maybe they to would riot in the streets.


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