National Republican Party

In Uncategorized on July 17, 2014 at 2:59 pm

Who’s side is the National Republican Party actually on?  Predetermining which candidates they like or have befriended before the election is why Republicans don’t hold the majority and will probably lose again.  With all the Money and fundraising done, then wasted on advertising to a group that already knows how they are going to vote is crazy.

If the Conservative Movement in the Republican Party wishes to begin the repairs this country is going to need they must begin a long term plan to educate the future voters.  Instead they plea for money to get reelected.

It’s time to allocate 3 percent to the building of a New School for Conservative thinking.  A university where A is A.  Where a degree means something, and has value.  No newfangled diplomas.  No Tenure for professors.  Reality Check, of Education.  If Harvard is considered so Great, (which many no longer think so).  Lets create under the conservative banner a University for Conservatives that offers the next generation of leaders a background that is real.  A few Thousand graduates every year, especially teachers, philosophers, historians, and dare I say it Lawyers.  Flooding into the system to challenge these degrees in African Women’s Studies and liberalism.  If these graduates were to join the job market unencumbered by huge school debt, they would be able to become leaders in their communities at a faster rate and younger age.  Future Leadership


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