America’s National Character? Leadership.

In Government Reforms on July 8, 2014 at 4:47 pm

George Washington said in 1786 “Let us look to our National Character and to things beyond the present period”.  Can you imagine any of our current politicians using those words or sentiments?  It’s all about what they can get for themselves now.

It’s time to bring back our National Character as to whats best for out country.  Demand more from our politicians.  Teach every young person every day whats changed that isn’t working.  Show how President Obama isn’t following the Constitution and is using his office to get things for himself or his party, but now working for our National Character.  Changing of the political rules to force new laws, taxes and regulations. Is it really just about the money?  Lets hope not.  Where are the leaders who will stop the injustice?

Just more votes for his party, at any cost.  The printing and spending of money we don’t have is fundamentally wrong and an injustice to our future, present and every taxpaying citizen.

From our first President to our current President in Residence, we have fallen a long way.  America is an Idea that’s worth keeping.  Three Branches of Government not the demands of one man and a pen.  Washington fought the non listening power of one dictator, he would be disappointed with the current state of things and of how we have allowed our leadership to lose our Character to the benefits of a current crisis.   It’s time America returns to the Land of the Free.

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  2. These sentiments would apply to any of our Presidents during the time of their administrations.

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