Washington REDSKINS

In Obama, President obamas Cabinet on June 18, 2014 at 5:55 pm

Is there no part of the United States Constitution that is sacred or respected by the Obama Administration?  Using the Trademark office to deny the longstanding copyright and trademark of a buisness after the fact is a new low.  At least when you are working at being the worst Presidency in the history of America consistency is a valid argument.   Courts have been battling over this for years, and with another stroke of the pen the Obama Administration moves around common sense, the law and the will of the people to inflict it’s own “best judgement” on the people.  What Next?  Dred Scott Decision put back into place?  How about no cars above the 25 mile per hour speed limit?  Obama Care was thrust upon the American People by changing the rules.  Now we are changing them after the fact again.  Do I hear a Third Term for President Obama?  It would only take a stroke of his pen, since the rules or constitution don’t seem to have any bearing on his abilities to get his will.


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