IRS Scandal

In Uncategorized on June 13, 2014 at 9:30 pm

The IRS Scandal and Lois Lerner are so easily fixed that I can’t believe congress hasn’t demanded it yet.  Simply use the rules of the IRS as a guide.  If you can’t find your paperwork, you get no credit.  When your Paper Work disappears or your computer no longer has what is needed the IRS simply adds the amounts back in.  So in this case, we know Ms. Lerner is lying she must be placed in jail.  The E-Mails are in the system somewhere, because they were sent, so it’s time for the White House to produce what was sent them.  Maybe there are locked in the file marked IMPEACHMENT in the White House Computer!  If and when she suddenly regains her memory, we can discuss terms.  Simple, Easy and just as the IRS is willing to work with the public we will do what they call justice.


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