Watch out for Westinghouse Digital Products… the story continues

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2014 at 11:06 pm

The TV selected was a nice 40 inch plasma from Best Buy with the WESTINGHOUSE (W) on the front.  Worked Great for the first 5 months before it decided not to work at all.  Here is where the story gets interesting.  The first dozen times the service number was called, they said to CALL BACK.  Unlike Apple or any other respectable company where the issue could be addressed they start with an adversarial confrontation about how often you need to contact them.  Finally deep into the holidays but still in the year 2013 a human was reached.  Took the information and the games began.  You will need an original receipt.  I had the date of the credit card purchase but had to get a receipt from BEST BUY which had tried to sell the insurance.  At the time the WESTINGHOUSE TV seemed such a reasonable price it was logical that after a few years of use it could just be replaced with a better TV.  I have TV’s going on 12 years old, so i choose not to purchase the insurance.  I know BEST BUY honors their product so dumb on my part…  They did reproduce my receipt without objection.

Now the Fun begins…With said receipt in hand, it is now required to FAX  (a system i haven’t used since the invention of e-mail),the paper to the WESTINGHOUSE DIGITAL customer support in the sky.  Again, wait. Wait some more, then approval we all agree I own a TV! Here come the rules.

Send it back in the original box!  Wow, I thought Boxes were Trash.  I pay for shipping.  Exactly half with insurance the cost of the original TV!  Suddenly a Sony is looking reasonably priced. Provide Pictures of the boxing process, including the outside of the box, the packing material, the broken TV, and tape my personal information inside on the back of the TV.  (now I need a Camera, Fax, tape, Printer, and phone) just to return one faulty product.  I have to call them with when my broken TV might arrive. (they don’t have to contact me)  More waiting on the phone Q.  Because if my broken tv doesn’t arrive for it’s repair in better shape than they Westinghouse sold it new, they aren’t going to work on it.  I have to return everything that came with it.  (apple never cared what I brought with I had an issue except what was broken).   Then there is a list of items I can’t not pack with, geez when will they get easier, and the short legal ease reminding me that Westinghouse digital has rules about their warranty.   Probably as a way to get out of honoring any warranty!  I refuse to let them get the better of it, so i’m playing above board, I have Pics, I have Receipts, I have Paid for a NEW BOX at a shipping store with approved foam, Peanuts and packing material. I will have my day….  Now they offer a new phone number for contact with shorter hours…  OK, its on the west coast a company called WEST- inghouse probably should be out west.  However, not matter how many times you call they new number…the ling is disconnected or they hang up !  More to follow!



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