Why Westinghouse Digital will never become a company like APPLE

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2014 at 11:16 pm

Simple problem, Bought a TV, choose a shiny new one with 4 HDMI ports.  Selected the Westinghouse because of the former reputation of the company, silly me.  Within 5 months the TV stopped working.  Simple problem from the outside, just stopped turning on.  When any of my Apple Products had an issue, every apple product has continued to function so maybe an unfair comparison.  But I have an a few issues with some of my fantastic Apple products.  I simply go to apple or make a call, and each and every time, i have found satisfaction.  Quickly, Easily and without a head ache.  Back to Westinghouse.  Around Christmas the TV just stopped, they have a customer support number… Ha Ha Ha…. They have a number they give out claiming 365 day support and 24/7 service.  The phone is answered and the same line is given.  “Sorry they are out, please call back.”  WOW!  What a sucker I must be, to allow they standard line of a live person tell me to call back.  So I did, 8 times. Each time getting the same line.  Call Back.  Call Back. Just so anyone who is confused thinks I’m kidding…  go ahead and listen in.  800-701-0680

More to follow on how much fun this can be.


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