CNN Republican Debate

In Wizard on June 14, 2011 at 12:39 pm
CNN Election Express

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CNN Republican Debate was a question disaster.  Who chose the moderator?  Mr. John King did himself and his network a disservice with his “this or that” wasted questions, constant interruptions and lack of real questions. Once again a liberal network has shown that its own agenda is more important than the issues of the day.  The highlight of the June 13 debate may have been the new paint job of the bus sitting in front of Saint Anselm College.  The waste of time on debate questions and information is apparent in the next days articles when Vanity Fair gives it a glowing review.   It was nice that Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty & Newt Gingrich were all able to keep the attacks where they belonged, which is on President Obama and not on each other.

Next time CNN wishes to play “this or that” perhaps they could use this… “CNN or Fox”?

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  2. […] CNN Republican Debate (wizardofaws.wordpress.com) […]

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