In Government Reforms on June 1, 2011 at 1:12 pm
Anthony Weiner

If Congressman Anthony Weiner really thinks that berating the media will make this story go away he has become delusional.  The attitude of Congress has become the holier than thou attitude.  It seems likely that if he was able to remove the photo of his underwear that was sent from his Twitter Account minutes after he was exposed that he really never lost the account access.  Hence, he was always in full control. Just has he was in control when he sent a photo of himself in his underwear (not very impressive).  Now is it a crime to send erotic pictures of yourself over the net?  No, not yet.  If his account was hacked let the FBI handle it.  After all he is a Federal Office Holder, who has promised to uphold the Constitution.  He is is lying to us and the media let him run to Oprah and cry on national TV.  Wait Oprah is off the air.  Then lets force this slime ball out of office. These Morally bankrupt public office holders should be held to a higher standard for public behavior.  At the very least his owes a full answer, with a public apology.  If he had any real morals he would just Resign!


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