Presidents Trump and Taylor

In Obama, President obamas Cabinet, Wizard on April 24, 2011 at 8:39 pm
General Zachary Taylor in uniform.

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So what if Donald Trump did or didn’t Vote in an Election.  Obama Voted Present over and over and it was his job to Vote.  Zachary Taylor never voted in an election, but lets not use that analogy since the his Presidency was so short lived.  There are stories that Thomas Jefferson, US Grant and Dwight D Eisnehower also had not voted till them became President.  If they (the Media are going to go after Donald Trump or Future President Trump) then they will have to find real issues.   Like was President Obama born in the US?  Think of the mess that would cause.  Every law he signed would be vacated that day!

So Donald, if we may be so bold.  Keep up the good fight and let them all have it.


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