Teachers Unions

In Wizard on February 22, 2011 at 2:19 pm
Michelle Rhee

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As teachers around the country are turning to riots and civil protests where are the taxpayers?  For years we the paying public have been forced to pay retirement, sick days, holiday pay, bonus pay, and tenure of teachers.  Guess what unions, we the tax payers are out of money.  I know that most teachers really want to educate their students and are working hard.  But look in mirror and tell yourself you are deserving of my money.  Did every child really get the education you promised?  Should we be required to fund your retirement before ours?  Before our own meals and housing costs?  Your unions have lied to you.  Your self worth has become over blown.

We the Taxpayers wish all students to have a quality education where opportunity for their future is earned. Because of an exciting and excellent education.  We don’t wish to be black mailed into giving you a secure future without an educated population.  Your unions have failed you.  You know there are teachers who didn’t educate.  You are aware of who they are.  What did you do about them?  How did you, yes those teachers who have time to protest, give us the taxpayers a way to remove them from the public troth, replace that teacher?  Your unions that you won’t vote against forced us to pay them forever.  You think your angry!  Your just getting a taste of resentment from the public.

When in class, don’t try to sway those young minds about your unhappiness.  Don’t give them the your unions perspective.  Teach them about Washington’s Birthday day, or about how the country was created.  But some of your union friends will use their time in the class rooms this week to attempt to sway the minds of their parents.  Those parents are taxpayers and deserve their children to be educated not indoctrinated.

Governor Walker of Wisconsin, Governor Christie of New Jersey, Governor Kasich of Ohio and the Mayor of Washington D.C. deserve to have been heard!  Instead your unions are trying to shout them down.  Why?  What are they afraid of?  Michell Rhee tried and the union thought they had won, by removing one small voice. Waiting for Superman showed all of us and hopefully all of you that the system is not working.  Yet in every interview some screaming union supporter is demanding nothing change.   The taxpayers are just starting to speak, and change is coming.


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